Temperwrights don't craft Legendary kits

Version 3.0.2

Fia provides the recipe for Master Armor kits instead of the Legendary ones when placed at a tinker’s bench. (official server #1005)

Edit: It doesn’t affect Fia only, it affects every temperwright.

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Go to warmaker dungeon and relearn the recipes. That should fix it.

I thought it intentional, that “normal” t4 now only craft master tools. Because my purge t4 still craft the legendaries.

Wait, did you test this? Is that the workaround? The legendary armor patch bug has been reported in TestLive and they didn’t fix it when they went live, so I kinda assumed that it was one of those “low priority known bugs” that get tossed onto the “maybe we’ll fix it some day” bug heap.

If it has a workaround, that’s great news.

This woud be not working on siptha :pleading_face:

Sad i dont have a purge armorer but my blacksmith is even not a purge t4 but can craft the legendary weapon repair kit

Will try that

It doesn’t. I just confirmed today.

Affects my private server running vanilla as well, so it’s not some quirk unique to official servers, but rather a bug in the base game. Unless it’s a feature - but then it would be nice if that change was documented somewhere.

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Fia makes legendary weapon repair and it still works fine, however Anora Steelfingers is suppose to make legendary armor repair kits and it shows the icon for them but when you craft them it crafts masters instead. However the masters made with this bug WILL repair legendary armor but only up to 75%.

Your info is not accurate.
Only the blacksmith Tempersmith can craft the legendary weapon repair kit. That is known info.
No Amorer thrall can craft the legendary armor repair kit after 3.0.
There is no difference using a purge amorer (Pitre, Master Amorer) or a regular one (Wynne the Accursed), as both can only craft now the Master armor repair kit in place of the legendary.


If that’s the case, I apologize.
And thanks for the heads up.

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I also just encountered this bug. Got Chelkus the Smith in Tinkers bench but it makes just Master Armor Patch Kits

There is not need for apologies. Several times before i have misunderstanded the nature or extension of some bugs. They are bugs, after all, and don’t make sense.
I just posted so we can clear all misinformation over the issue to others.


Can confirm no armorer can craft them at all. Admin spawned all t4 armorers on my server, none has the legendary armor kit recipe.

not sure but i think there was ‘‘special’’ named non-temper that also could craft legendary… i mean i have bladesmith that craft kegendary weapon kit… maybe there is some named for armor , in same way?

it is a bug no legendary armor kit can be craftet at the moment

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I have tried ALL T4 armorers, none was able to craft them.