Temperwrights still can't make Legendary Armor Patch Kits as of Patch 3.0.3

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: None
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Temperwrights still can’t make Legendary Armor Patch Kits. They are still mistakenly only be able to craft Master Armor Patch Kits.

Bug Reproduction:

Get a Temperwright (Durability Armorer) and place him/her on a Tinker’s Bench. Recipe shows Master Armor Patch Kit instead of Legendary Armor Patch Kit.


Not just armor. Tempersmith can only craft master one as well

thejess0 said, “Not just armor. Tempersmith can only craft master one as well.”

Untrue, I just crafted a ton of legendary weapon repair kits yesterday with my Tempersmith on Siptah Public Server #6111. Maybe that aspect of this issue is only true of single-player mode?



As you can see, only the temperwright has the problem. Tempersmith is still okay.


I checked online official. Legendary Weapon Repair Kits are still craftable there too.

I got mixed results when I reviewed. I will say I got legendary kits from purge temperwrights and master kits from regular t4 temperwrights. Can someone confirm or prove false this so that we can show the distinction?

I tested with Anora Steelfingers, she is a regular T4 Tempersmith.

Why peeps talking about leg. weapon when topic is about armor… On official 1015 T4 armorer (Temperwright) cant craft Legendary Armor Kits too.


Because of this:

Yeah we need to not equate these because all my tempersmiths worked correctly and blacksmiths should get their own thread if we are to discuss.

For temperwrights only, can someone confirm if it’s only purge armorers that can do legendary kits?

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If nobody gets to this by the time I get home I’ll test it out on my server.

I just confirmed on Official #6307 PVE, on Siptah Island:
Purge T4 Temperwright Pitre, Master Armorer still can’t craft Legendary armor kit.
Regular T4 Temperwright Wynne the Accursed still can’t craft Legendary armor kit.

I’m not a negative nancy but i have to say i’m disappointed. This bug was introduced by 3.0. This issue did not exist before. Why on God good’s earth this update could not fix that?

This is an imporant endgame feature. While on endgame, a player should be able to access endgame content. I don’t want to play this game today. This is sad.


Honestly, I’m disappointed too. I know game development can be complicated, and issues can be prioritized, but this should really be just a simple change in the data tables. And it has been reported ad nauseam, with most of the report threads being marked as “report received”.


Unless they changed something in this specific update, then no. (we don’t get devkit updates for every minor change they make I’m guessing)
I am basing this on data from the Devkit - there are no NPCs currently in the game that give you the Legendary Armor Patch kit recipe

Yea it is… basically adding a number to an array…
See? this is the template for all Temperwrights… that last value there 41023 is the Master Armor Patch kit… (it’s probably an error as I don’t get why they would need this as a special recipe…) So basically they either need to change that to 41040… or add it as a new element below depending on their preference :slight_smile:
So no, not a huge amount of work I’d say.

(Edit: I’ll go hide now cuz I pointed this out so they might beat me up and take away my devkit :joy: )


I hope someone makes a temporary fix mod to alleviate this.

EDIT: I might have found the mod we need. Look for “Legendary Armor Patch Kit [FIX]” in the Steam Workshop. I suppose it only works for your own servers and singleplayer. GG’s to the official ones.

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It’s been over a month with this problem. The solution cannot be this simple, right?

There is one already on the workshop, somebody did just that, introduced that number there and published it as a mod for their own server :slight_smile: I haven’t tried it myself though, just saw it posted in the modding discord
Edit: Here it is, looked it up for you :slight_smile: Steam Workshop::Legendary Armor Patch Kit [FIX]

It is :joy: If you want I can make another mod for it in 5 minutes haha but probably better if you try the one already on the workshop :smiley:

Honestly I’m gonna write this off as a coordination issue, I’m pretty sure they forgot to include it in the update

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Yeah I found it too man thanks!

RIP console users. I guess we’re screwed without mods.

Don’t forget the PC users that play on official funcom servers!
We also deserve to rest in peace