How do I make legendary armour repair kits?

I have a T4 armourer and a T4 blacksmith. Neither of them allow me to make a legendary armour repair kit. I can, however, make legendary weapon repair kits.

Any ideas?

If you on pc you can make them on the tinkers table with a t4 armourer

On ps4 we do it with the purge blacksmith … i don’t know if it changes to the pc …

As per my original comment, I have a T4 armourer and it doesn’t permit me to make legendary armour repair kits.

I have tried it with a T4 blacksmith. I will keep an eye out for a purge blacksmith instead. Thank you.

You need a Temperwright (the one with the hammer icon) Armorer to make the Legendary Armor Patch kits on the tinkers table. The Tempersmith (the one with the hammer icon) Blacksmith can make the Legendary Weapon Repair kits on the tinkers table. This is assuming you are on PC with the most recent update.

If you are on Console you cannot make the Legendary Armor Patch kit and you will need a “Purge Only” Blacksmith to make a Legendary Weapon Repair Kit on the Blacksmith Bench.

If you want more info about Armor Crafting or Blacksmith Crafting you can check out my videos.


Hey Wak,
Do you have any recommendations on how to get these on Siptah? I have a shieldwright armorer from a surge. I’m playing single player so just getting that one was an ordeal. I got it from the NE altar.

I am gonna throw my 2 cent here, the best bet will be a high tier surge or a purge, getting those from a npc camp may be a lot harder than in Exiled lands, I’ve been to many of the npc camps including the 3 big ones several times and so far I haven’t seen a single T4 armorer or blacksmith with hammer icon :slight_smile:

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