Legendary Kits - Armor/Weapon

I did a run in UC yesterday and I didnt get a single weapon kit but what appeared to be 100% drop of legendary armor kits.
While it is great to finally have a way to repair our armors, there will be a shortage of weapon kits. I did find weapon kits in the chests which usually have them but still. Is it intended for the armor kits to drop so often and the weapon kits not at all?

p.S. I do realise my sample is rather small.


Interesting, if so.

Makes me wish I’d have stocked up some more on the Legendary Weapon kits. Oh well, means I’ll have to think about whether using that Legendary weapon for everyday farming runs is worth it, which is not a bad thing in itself.

On the other hand, I can finally start using my Legendary Armor pieces (yay :smiley:) if there’s soon going to be a way to repair them!

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Thanks for bringing this up @Narelle. Small sample or not, it’s an interesting observation that shouldn’t take too much to give it a look and see if there’s something amiss. :slight_smile: Forwarded it to the devs.

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very happy to hear these are in testlive, hope they make it to console soon. I will finally start wearing this stuff now

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Can Purge Armorers craft the Legendary Armor Repair Kits in the same way Purge Blacksmiths do LWRKs?


would be consistent with weapon so I hope so as well

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I have just checked and no, the purge armorers cannot craft the legendary kits neither in the normal bench nor in the improved one.

However, agree with @Ranson. For the sake of consistency they should be able to.

@Ignasi Tested with a larger sample and the ratio armor/weapon seems to be in order. It must have been some really bad luck on my side to only get armor kits on that run.


Or really good luck depending on what you needed at the time. :wink:

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