Legendary Weapon Repair Kit?

How to you obtain a legendary weapon repair kit?

I think one of my named
blacksmiths was able to craft them. Will have to look to see if i still have it. Lost about half of my crafting stations with the thralls that were in them.

I got the named blacksmith from Freya’s Hovel and she doesn’t make it

I have the improved blacksmith and Taliitha Goldfingers from the Den and do not have a recipe for it. Hoping one appears when i reach level 60, otherwise I’ll just have to start hunting bosses and stocking up on legendaries to put in a “secret stash”.


Looks like I just need to go elsewhere to find a different named thrall, as mine isn’t on that list. Thanks! :grin:

Not sure where I found this blond bronzed beauty, but she can make it.


I thought Funcom meant to not let players repair their legendary weapons…
Sorry for wrong answer.

So at least for pve, one only needs to get his legendary of choice once and thats it?
Kind of sucks…
Though I guess all of those chests waiting for respawn all the time sucks more. :thinking:

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Anyone know where to find these blacksmiths?!

I am thinking many are possibly from Purges or rares in the north. I’ve spent hundreds of hours farming thralls in “The Old World” and have never seen any on that list. I’ve not done any thrall farming in the North, nor in Purges as yet.

Also there is just a chance to get that particular legendary again…
So why wouldn’t we want to repair our already found ones?
Yeah make it hard, but at least allow us to repair in some way.

There are A LOT of new named thralls now. I have already found half a dozen of them recently, and that only from 2 camps, so i guess you can expect to find a lot of new names by exploring the entire map.


I’ve found a few in the volcano, no named armor or weaponcrafter in the jungle it seems. What new ones have you found and where?

Here is the list of Blacksmiths that can repair legendaries. Although I have yet to see any of them in the year + I have been playing. Locations unknown.

Artificer Galen
Teph Steeped-in-fire
Rakh Irontooth
Wright Fortis
Imis stained blade
Herman Von Blat
Farrier Ulphur
Tull Coppertongue
Master crafter Shanya
Smith Raden
Master blacksmith Ulfric
Gircan Ironbender
Benard the Artisan
Sassin Anvilbreaker

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When i watched Just Horse’s youtube video on how to obtain legendary repair kits I noticed this comment pinned. Short summary all those thralls don’t spawn in this current build of the game.

“To those saying they have Maev the Magnificent or any of the other named Blacksmith Thralls but it can’t craft the Legendary Weapon Repair Kits - just because it’s a named Thrall does not mean it can craft Legendary Weapon Repair Kits. The list of Thralls given in this video is accurate – they can craft the Legendary Repair Kits. BUT - These Thralls do NOT spawn on their own in the current build. If anyone says they do they are giving false information; if a person that says they do spawn simply ask them, “Where? Where did you specifically find it?” They will never have a clear answer – and “They roam, they aren’t in a static spawn location.” is an invalid response. And no, they don’t spawn in during purges. They can only be spawned in by an Admin. Same goes for the named Alchemist Thralls that can make the White & Black Dyes. So don’t waste countless hours searching for them in this current build.”

None of the named thralls that can make legendary repair kits or white/black dye are available in the world. I hopped on solo and spawned in EVERY named thrall and put them in their respective bench. There’s a lot of them… All of the ones who make the kits and dyes are not from any camps, they are just named without origin.

My only assumption is that the thralls that can craft said dye and repair kits are from the Purge. A system that is still very much broken on private servers. We have it cranked way up, but have never had a purge, so I haven’t been able to catch any of the “might-be” named thralls that come in it.

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I did read somewhere that they come from purges, though I can’t confirm this since purges are broken in single player.

Yes, they do. Tested in single player.
I got a t4 tanner, t4 archer and t4 fighter a couple of days ago. By the way I triggered Purge yesterday on the same base (without a console) and it was undead Purge (up from usual Dogs of the Desert) - obviously you won’t be able to capture any t4 from that. So it seams, if you want to capture thralls on somewhat regular basis, you should not “defeat” the humanoid Purge - just repair and let the Purge timer run out.

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Interesting. I’ll try that if I ever get a purge. Thanks.

Yeah you can get other T4 named thralls from purges but the point is you can’t the the T4 blacksmith that can make the legendary repair kits from the purges or anywhere in the world right now.