Conan Legendary Blacksmith Xbox

So does anyone know where to find any of the legendary/named blacksmith that make the legendary repair kits to fix the new legendary weapons?

All the same on any platform, legendary names have a random chance at spawning in or around any big settlement area like the The Black Galleon or The Den for example, there are other areas like this on the north also, just have to explore, and most likely clear it a couple of times until you see one.

I have two named ones from before the patch, the maev the magnificent and Talitha goldfingers neither can make the legendary repair kits. And since patch I’ve yet To see a named blacksmith.

I also can not find one, tried all location since days. Killing the blacksmith and 1h later going back, but never saw a legendary blacksmith. Are they really that rare?

just becuase the legendary repair kits are in the admin files doesnt mean it is meant to be crafted, it could be a random drop or loot out of legendary chests,

since i think they said they dont want you repairing your legendary weapons

you can always try and do single player admin and spawn any and all t4 smiths right into your inventory and take a look

I call them ‘special t4 thralls’

And those special t4 thralls isn’t subjected to NPC camps.

And they have even more recipes than normal t4 thralls that can be seen in NPC camps.(except armorer)

So far I found those special t4 thralls gives you additional recipes such as

Blacksmith: Legendary repair kit

Armorer: Horned Helmets (these don’t have epic versions yet)

Alchemist: White/Black dye

Carpenter: Branch (from wood)

But where did you get them ?

You get those thralls from purges.

The T4 blacksmith that makes legendary repair kits and T4 carpenter that makes branches can only (at this time) be obtained from thralls that spawn during a purge.