Can't make Legendary repair kit

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Can"t fixs legendary weapons
I have a named Blacksmith Thrall , but can’t make the Legendary repair kit.It keeps saying (YOU DO NOT HAVE THE EXPERTISE TO REPAIR THIS ITEM)
Can someone please help me out.I thought you needed a named blacksmith thrall to make legendary repair kit.Play on PVE

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it"s not possible for the moment.

i gess legendary repair kit will be added by DLC soon

Someone on you tube said it was there

Hi, I just tested this for you, you just don’t have the right thrall, there are other named thralls, Master Crafter Shanya, Sassan Anvil Breaker, Smith Raden, there’s a few names to look for, they have the repair kit, some tier 4 thralls i just Admin’ed in didnt have the kit . :wink: Polar Bear Igloo has a lets play on YouTube, giving a list of named thralls and i think where to find them. Or you could just use Admin to bring 1 in, knock them out, put on wheel, or just ckeck the little box below the list, it will add right to your inventory

You need smith from purge for legendary repair kit recipe

can’t do Admin on the pve server don’t have the password.But I will sheck polar bear iglo’s video

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Oh, sorry didn’t see the online, but i hope his vid helps :slight_smile:

With the current named thralls available as spawns, they cannot make the legendary repair kits. However, as I am on a private server and won a tournament, the prize was Artificer Galen, whom can make the repair kits.

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Flawless lower level gear is better than epic 60 gear.

We have legendary weapons and no method to repair them

Half of the named thralls that can make flawless epic gear don’t have their recipes show up in the improved armorsmith bench…

Who’s in charge of gear progression in this game? Wìlly Wonka?

Edit: Wìlly is censored? Really guys?

You have a game with bare tìts dоngs and bush, and you’re worried someone will say Wìlly on your forums?


Ratchetandskank… you read in my mind… yes probably mr.wonka is in development team… some of the mechanics of this games have no sense but the real trouble is not follow the request of player that play their game. since the early access all players says to them this trouble for legendary weapons… or for mounts…or for stupid boss mechanics…or for tier armor mechanics…or for fighting thraal il like stupid dolls…nothing change. but yes… 10 Euros for cosmetic DLC they have the time for it… FiX the game before asking money to players after 1 month to release date… look at Warframe creators … they always follow the advise of players and this game is always one of the most played… is stupid don t ask players…always !

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Gear progression is a joke in this game, follows zero logical trends. It’s basically wear whatever you want until you can make Silent Legion then ignore everything else.

Terrible design and balancing.

Weapons pretty much the same story.

Unless you want tow wield something g other than the same greatsword everyone else uses, in which case. Tough shìt.

And Funcom makes no move to remedy this.

Actually there is information out there suggesting they will change the recipe for silent legion that doesn’t really make it any harder to make. In fact it may be easier. Star metal isn’t the rare and valuable resource they think it is.

Which brings me to star metal. The fuсk? It’s basically pointless. Weapons do less damage than Acheronian, tools don’t have any benefit over hardened steel. It has about one use. Preservation boxes.

Steel. And hardened steel seems like they should have their processes reversed. The only logic I can consider is you don’t use hardened steel for structure (thank God) other than that… Oh you have steel? Here add some brimstone.

Fuсk what? Really? All that work for steel but just add more brimstone to make it harder?

Blackie structures… Take a whole two steps less than Reinforced stone. Why would I want to make reinforced stone?

Oh yeah so I can live safely, in the desert, where I can one-shot everything.

Seriously, what’s the scheme here?

Just do random shìt and hope no one notices?

And let’s not forget obsidian… YEAH! Let’s make weapons and tools out of volcanic glass and make it end game… Because that makes fuсking sense. Yeah primitive people used obsidian for arrow heads and daggers. But there’s a hint there… They were primitive. If they had a means to make steel they wouldn’t have used glass. Also this isn’t Game of Thrones.

Progression in general in this game needs a complete rework. But then if you ask them to look into something or a tool to make a certain aspect a little easier, their response is “Progression is working as intended”

Yeah… Buuuuut your progression is stupid and make no sense, sooo… where does that leave “working as intended”?

What ever they don’t listen to us lowly console users anyway. This game is for the PC we’re just helping foot that bill and that’s abundantly clear.