Legendary blacksmith

yea its kinda garbage you have to wait for a purge to get a legendary named blacksmith. its a horrible mechanic and then you get raidded they die or get captured and you back to square one again waitingon a purge mechanic to kick in, nah please let us get them outside of the purge, its a major flaw tot his game…


Unless I’m mistaken, you don’t need to be purged for a legendary blacksmith?

There are lots of places to get those… Black Galleon for one, The Den as well… Hell, Volcano has Secas the Smith as a spawn that always happens… In the same spot too :slight_smile:

Edit: Freyas Hovel (I’ve heard, never seen it myself so don’t know with absolute certainty) has a legendary blacksmith spawn too

Jonnycrash isnt talking about any standard lvl 4 blacksmith, blacksmiths captured from a purge wave are the only ones that can produce a repair kit capable of repairing legendary weapons.

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I’d advise he make that more clear then… Because there’s not that big a difference, when you just call it Legendary Named… Since all named technically go under the Legendary thrall category…

But fair enough… Then a different answer is called for… Those blacksmiths are (to my knowledge) supposed to make you able to repair legendaries… They SHOULD be that difficult to get… I see enough people run around with legendaries as it is, people practically give them away every day too… Having it be that difficult to repair, is a good bloody choice, in my opinion…
The weapons are supposed to be the ABSOLUTE BEST in the game… Ability to repair them, should be hard to get…

Meh, i have 50ish legendary weapons in the vault i personally gathered and they just gather dust because teliths sorrow and dragon bone or similar tier weapons are easily made and repairable without any blacksmith at all. Legendary weapons are supposed to be amazing and SOME are like the temperature buff shields or those that give a bonus to your stats but those are far and few between. I just give the legendary weapons to my thralls because most dont do the kind of damage craftable high grade weapons can. Maybe if they rework things to a point where legendary weapons are the best of the best then i would agree,but until then it would be nice to be able to repair of the more helpful less OP weapons like jedias greatsaber or the vaulting pole and what not.


i havve coem to notice that, my dragonbone axe is hitting for over 100dmg pwer swing

The dragon bone war axe is supposed to be one of the best war axes from what ive heard so far, the whole of the dragonbone weapon set keeps up with or exceeds the damage of almost every legendary ive come across with only a few exceptions here and there (adventures blade is only name i can remeber with 66 damage). But thats just what ive managed to find so far. And if you throw a armor penetration kit on a dragon bone maul it becomes a hell of problem for heavy armor wearers.

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Best axe of this game is a legendary axe of the lion

Secas the Smith cannot do a legendary rep kit just checked ours. He has no such a recipe.
(If I am mistaken correctly he was captured at the volcano)

Also at Freya’s hope I only found Beri as named smith so far. She is a nice looking nordheimer lady often spawning as baretits. But nope… no legendary rep kit there either.

Was “corrected” about the whole “being able to make a legendary rep kit”… None of the named ones outside purges can make those, to my knowledge at least, so you’re correct :slight_smile:
What i thought (since that wasn’t a direct qualification stated in the post) was that he generally couldn’t find a legendary blacksmith :slight_smile: which is why i ofc stated that you don’t have to be purged for them…

Also pointed out that technically, all named thralls are legendaries… The ones from purges however, are the only ones able to make legendary repair kits, which (to some people) make them much more valuable ^^

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