Just incase we missed it

Glad I can repair my Godseye now!


all day

Fml. Can’t repair fully broken legendaries :expressionless:

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So it is the same as weapons then. good to know.

Dont legendary weapons repair all the way with legendary kits. I have always been able to repair to max.

I do repair them when they hit just before half.

I do to, never from a broken state though, not sure.

Once they’re broken you might as well toss them. It has always been that way. I don’t know if there is a T4 purge smith that can repair them, but none of the regular named smiths can.

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They should add a legendary smiths shop to Seppimaru where you can go to get your legendary repaired… (For a price, and you’ll likely need some rather exotic materials to do so. Or failing that let us use the volcano forge or the ice forge to fix our broken legendary weapons provided we have the right materials…)

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Let people repair their legendary equipment for nothing but a large amount of gold coins. It would be the perfect way to make people care about gold coins.


Check Floatsam, gold coins are very important now.

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What thralls do they sell? Reg, or named?

The merchants selling T2 thralls? T2s aren’t even worth the trip let alone the time farming gold.

Actually I don’t know because I didn’t buy them, only found the vendor and it didnt say what lvl was, only said “Mercenary” of sorts.

Its only t2 ? T3 I would consider because of the commodity on furnace, fire pit and tannery as they dont reduce mat cost, only time. And archers and bearers of course.

What I read, it is either T2 or T3. Random.

But for a T3 Go to volcano or Sepermeru/set-city.

I would not mind spending 200-500 coins for a T4 thrall.
But 100 for random T2 or T3? Hell no.

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While I agree with that, I also don’t think the selling of T4’s for gold coins should ever happen. It would invalidate most of the other ways of acquiring them.

It should be 50 gold coins for a guaranteed T3 minimum, with a 5% chance of getting a T4 instead.

As convenient as that would be… I really don’t think that’s a good idea.

While I am not absolutely against there being some tiny chance of getting a T4, 5% is too high. I think even 1% might be too high.

It’s really not. The time it takes to get gold, go to the ship, make the purchase and go back to base combined with only a 5% chance is pretty much balanced with just spending a second or two checking a spawn, going up to one if they are there, knocking them the hell out, then just tossing them in a wheel with a 100% chance of getting them at that point. Meanwhile, if the 50 gold doesn’t give you one, you’re still out the 50 gold.

Guy on our server has 20 animal pens around the brimstone lake, nothing but rocknose shtiing gold. This started 3 months ago.


I only have 4 gold rock noses… should also create 1-2 silver ones.

And for people who dont know this: you can buy rocknose-eggs from a merchant at The Den. 10 gold coins each.
Then place the eggs in compost heap, leave the base for 30mins to hatch a pebblenose and then put it in the animal pen and feed it gold dust or silver dust. But dont let the eggs to long in compost heap, otherwise the will die/rot.
If you feed them gold dust (or shaded gold dust) it can turn into a gold rock-nose, which poops gold, when you feed it stone.
The best part: it poops stone or iron ore or gold ore. So you either get the stone back or sth better!
There is even a Wiki page for it: