Let us use Master Repair Kits on Legendaries

Let us use a legendary repair kit to repair anything to 100%, even things we don’t have the recipe to, and let master repair kits repair legendaries to 75%.

Please and thank you.

… farm UC…, u will get legendary repair kits without the purge thrall…
and u will not have to use the harvest build that u worry so much about , cause normal armours r free in this game AND have encumbrance bonus…

just giving another alternative

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And I am making this thread to suggest even more alternatives. Aren’t alternatives fun?


if they do so, what is the point of purge?
just fill the base with a load of greater apes /animals and be safe for ever…

the purge thralls should all have unique recipes… so there is more of a point and value to this mechanic…

and UC farmins is the alternative way…
i do not wish all to be able to repair and craft all stuff… some things must be a bit more worthy to have and to obtain… so some dedication is needed…

under this logic make all recipes teachable and no need for thralls… u can craft all by urself…

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If they do this the purge can return to its original and intended purpose.

nah… and if they do the whole recipe thingie will be no need for thralls

Im down to my last 100 from the meteor showers.
Sure glad I worked for months to get 2 purge thralls.

Much more fun, err I mean harder to survive that way.

I would have to disagree with this suggestion, however, i do feel the master repair kits should repair obsidian tools

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