Feedback: Thralls & durability

With the new update, the items on thralls are losing durability. This is a non-starter. There are enough rat-races in this game. Keeping up with durability losses on thralls is not a thing I’m willing to do.

Especially when repairs are so difficult to keep up with already (I’m looking at YOU Siptah). Getting the Nemedian helmet on Siptah is a pain-in-the-rear, but it made keeping up with repairing my weapons do-able. This wouldn’t be as bad if thralls capable of making legendary repair kits would drop AT ALL. They don’t.

I’m one of your most faithful players. If there’s more than a handful of players who have more hours played than I do, I’d be very surprised. This will be the 20 ton weight that broke the camel’s back. That camel’s my ride. Break his back and I’m walking. I’m sure I will not be the only one.

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This time I agree with the changes, yes.

  • Thralls should take weapons and armor damage (like you) and you have to repair them.
  • Next I think we need back feeding for thralls + a salary in gold coins.
  • And finally a lifetime for thralls, may be 3 months after they die.
    (Crafting and fighting thralls).

All of this because you have to play the game, and not build one time and then refresh forever without playing :slight_smile:

(With an option to disable it for solo offline play).

Hey there,

As we already mentioned in a few other threads about this same exact topic, this is a confirmed issue that will be patched in an upcoming hotfix.


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