Armor and weapons in warriors

I wanted to know if the community agrees with the deterioration of weapons and armor. I think they should change something because if I play alone and have to keep an eye on my 50 slaves and repair each of their armor, it’s unfair. Game in official pve with which everything is x1 and it is a huge job perhaps the deterioration at the time of the purge or in the pvp schedule etc.


Don’t worry - it’s already been confirmed multiple times that this was unintended - I’m pretty sure it’s already been fixed on testlive (actually, I should add that to my list of things to test - so thanks for bringing it up again :slight_smile: ).

Edit: Just to confirm - I went and got a thrall into several fights on latest testlive, and there is no evidence of any durability loss on his weapons or armor. That does now appear to be working as intended :slight_smile:


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