Thrall Axe and Shield both taking damage

I added a star metal axe and a Argossean shield at full durably then off to Set City and killed a few npcs, checked my thralls weapons and they were both taking damage as per the shots below.

New Axe and Shield

After fighting npc for a few minutes in Set city.

I have read though the last few patch notes and see nothing about thrall weapons and shields now taking damage.

That would make so much sense. And make so many people angry. I love it :slight_smile:

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Can confirm Durability loss to the point of the weapon breaking completely.


Hello @heaventhere, thanks for the heads-up. I’ll forward this to our team so they can check it out.

Thank you for the ongoing support :slight_smile:

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God I hope this isn’t an intended change. The grind in this game is enough as it is.


If this is an intended change, it would increase the value of the animal companions (they are a bit useless in the game now).

Also it would increase the difference between the gameplay styles of the players.

  1. You want to be the hardcore (every day) player :bomb: :smiling_imp: - you only have humans with the best equipment but you are forced to constantly repair it.
  2. You want to be normal (few days in a week) player :axe: :slightly_smiling_face: - you have mix of humans with easy to repair equipment and some animals.
  3. You want to be just a (only weekend) player :cup_with_straw: :sunglasses: - you only have animals and you don’t bother repairing any inventory.

Veterans would find a golden mean (mix of all gameplay styles), keeping animals around the base, humans inside (if the animals fail) and the best companions with the best equipment locked in the heart of the base.

I’m not saying that it would be good changes, but it would be interesting. :face_with_monocle:

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If it’s intended, it’s a garbage change, for sure!! I don’t support this at all.


Don’t do this Funcom, PLEASE.

Bad idea.

Checking and repairing thrall equipment after/before any trips is just tedious.

Why dont they make the undead thrall worth something again. Before all the leveling they were great for base defense. Now they more useless tham animals.

The problem, as apparently is always going to be the case with Funcom, is that they don’t rebalance, they don’t bring the animals back up towards a level where they are on a par with thralls, instead they just opt to bring everything down to the lowest common denominator.

What you are saying is entirely legitimate (and you acknowledge it may not be a good change) - but Funcom seems to keep taking this approach - never balance, just nerf.

For me, it is no different from having to repair a companion’s weapon and to feed it so that he does not die (which they removed from the game). Such a system naturally limited the number of companions a player had. Because not everyone has the patience to feed an entire army. This is exactly the same situation (patience) with the equipment repair.

Currently, human companions are the gods of this game, the best ones are almost immortal, they scare back bosses and PvP players. And players have dozens or even hundreds of companions. This in itself is wrong.

There are solutions to this:

  • Bring companions down to the level of an ordinary human (player), that is, reduce their health, break equipment, constantly feed or significantly slow them down in heavy armor - it sounds boring :sleeping:.
  • Make a god out of a human (player) - sounds much more interesting :star_struck:. I would like the player to have as much life as his companion, that the food would only give bonuses and that you would not have to drink water constantly and pay attention to the temperature of the environment… but it wouldn’t be a survival game anymore :roll_eyes:.

I don’t think Funcom will do any of these solutions so as not to go to extremes, rather they will try to hit the middle. Weak companions a little and make the player stronger - what is called balance. :+1:

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If they did that, I would be fine with it - as you say, balance. This does not feel like that. Aside from anything else, it’s not the weaker companions that need weakening further, its the top tier that are a problem. But Funcom’s last attempt at fixing this issue (the ‘great thrall nerf of 2020’ :wink: ) was largely a failure if we are honest. The strongest followers were nerfed, but remain the most powerful things in existence, but the weaker ones (especially the non-greater pets) were nerfed to the point of near irrelevance - the result being that it became even more essential to get exclusively the strongest thralls and only bother with greater pets. Before Funcom ‘fixed’ this issue, I used even t1 exiles, I used lesser pets and levelled them all the way to 20 - and, sure, they never became strong enough that I felt confident about them in the toughest fights (which seems correct), but they still felt worth having. Since they were nerfed those at the lower tiers that I tried just died, against weak enemies, in moments. Spending hours doing all the work, levelling a lesser pet to level 10, only to have it die to a t1 thrall in the couple of seconds it took for me to slaughter two others convinced me to not waste my time with anything but the best. That doesn’t seem like balance, and nor does this.

Similarly, I’ve spent some time on testlive trying out the new combat - and that doesn’t feel so much like it’s making the player more powerful, more like it’s removing the relevance of stamina management, and making choice of armour more meaningless (so that you might as well just go with heavy armour, since there’s no penalty for doing so - less variety, less choice). Combat honestly felt like I didn’t need to pay any attention and could just stand still clicking Maybe that is evidence of the player being made more powerful, but it felt more like a reduction in possible interest and enjoyment.

The problem with thralls is the AI. If the AI was on par with a human, then they could get nerfed to the level of the average player. But since they’re dumb as rocks, they would suicide when going up against 1-skull/3-skull bosses at your side as they’d never retreat and fix their gear when broken. They’ll start using their fists instead…

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