Thrall weapons and shields destroyed when equipped

Game mode: [OFFICIAL SERVER #1814]
Type of issue: [Bug.]
Server type: [PVP]
Region: [US WEST]

[Every time I equip a weapon and shield to my thrall, relic treasure hunter, cimmerian berserker, ect the shield or weapon will make a break sound when the thrall uses it and it will disappear from their inventory. The items will usually not come back, and they started fully repaired but that shouldn’t even matter. This has happened to star metal weapons and legendary weapons. It seems random on which item will break first.]


1.Put weapon and shield on thrall.
2.Get in combat for a random amount of time.
3.Let the thrall fight enemies until you hear a item breaking.
4.Check thrall inventory.

Hmmm, strange thing.
Was these thralls coming with shields as you broke them ?
Berserker i doubt. Tresorhunter, no more sure completely, but not sure if they have shields. May be a hint.

Will try and see if i can reproduce it. And if thralls that are coming with shields will also lose them in the same way.

I know that you are on an official server.
But still wanted to run some tests about what you reported. Set up one of my test singleplayer games, and spawned in some berserker and treasure seekers.

Berserkers are coming all by default with greatswords. Hardened steel and starmetal.
Chose 2 cimmerain, 1 nordheimer, and exchanged the greatsword for a normal one, same but a 1hander just, and gived them shields of course.
For the berserker i chosed, ancient, hardened steel and starmetal shields.

All in my tests did fine, and used the shield without losing them.
Ever after a stop, and some new fights, they still had theyr shields.


Then same tests with Relice hunter tresor seekers.
Here i chosed relic hunter 1 and 15, one coming with a cutlass, the other with stygian kopesh and bow.
I let the 1hander and gived them shields, while removing the bow from one.

Same results, the did very fine, and no one lost the shield.

So at least in singleplayer is working fine, not sure if your problem is only server related, or a specific problem to your server. :thinking:

Maybe other players have some results more to share.

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