BUG weapons equipped on a Thrall break after 1 dungeon run Shield equipped

Ran the twice drowned dungeon with a npc and a hardened mace was broken by the time i made it to the end boss. I am seeing this on just weapons and it happens often, the decay rate is high.
Also the trident mermen are worth 0 exp

Are you using a shield on your thrall?

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Equip a thrall with a crafted weapon and run a dungeon i see the weapons break after a short period of time. That is the step by step process there isnt much else i can do to show or prove and or a video would be huge to post here.
But it only happens with a shield equipped, 2h weapons dont seem to be affected

I have already reported the issue as you can see but thanks for re-confirming that this happens when the thrall is using a shield.

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