Thrall equipment losing durability and other issues

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Oceania

Just some things I’ve noticed/have questions about

  • The durability of the equipment on my thralls went down during combat. I tested this by giving them brand new armour, sending them to fight, and checking the durability. They consistently came back slightly damaged.

  • The Redeemed Legion armour set, and possibly others, doesn’t have the correct value (chest shows 280). This could turn out to be quite a downgrade from Silent Legion, which is weird.

  • Telith’s Sorrow now has 60 base damage (Is this intentional?). 67 seemed fine for a main boss weapon, considering stuff like the Blade of the Adventurer having 76 and being pretty easily obtainable.

After a little searching, I found a post under “[TestLive] Patches and Bugs” made on Nov 20 with pretty much the same concerns. There it was mentioned that it would be addressed in a TestLive hotfix, but it seems they’re still around.
Would that mean these are actually intentional, then? Considering they’ve made it this far.

The hardest one to live with would be the thrall durability issue, especially since I have quite a large base and my thralls get attacked by strays a lot. A lot of others on the server will be worse off than me, even.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Give any thrall fresh equipment
  2. Send them to battle
  3. Check the durability of said equipment
  1. Open a bench with a T4 Armourer and Silent Legion armour recipes unlocked and look at the item
  1. Open a blacksmith’s bench and look at the item

I really hope these nerfs are not meant to be especially being I’ve just grinded my butt off putting all my thralls in the redeemed Legion.

I know the thrall durability was supposed to be a bug that wasn’t getting to live

I think maybe someone at Funcom deployed the wrong code to production.

Possibly. It’s quite a pain since I’ve just finished farming the resources to mass produce Redeemed Legion for ~15 thralls

The black ice weapons seem to have taken an unholy damage reduction too

Official Server, PVE, USA

I just did a test whereby I had a level 10 Thrall that was equipped with an old armor set and an older weapon with zero damage to either. Older = prior to this patch of 01/06/21. I took the thrall to kill stronger mobs that would apply bleed and/or poison. Fought with it enough to gain a full level. Observed no damage on the weapon or armor.

Ran the test once more with brand new sets of armor and weapons. Same results.

Prior to me seeing your post, I had already put five levels on it and did not observe any damages.

Epic Guardian Set and Dragonbone Sword in all three cases.
No clue what the difference is for you and I.

That’s pretty odd, I’ll be sure to run a few more tests later on and see if I can figure anything out. For my tests I gave them brand new Redeemed Legion and brought them to the Executioner.

A player from our server complained yesterday that his thrall broke the sword. I double checked my thralls, everything is fine, neither my husband’s thralls lost durability. But few other people confirmed that bug, too. The sword that was broken is Dragonbone

Are these players using a shield with that sword? Does the issue persist without the shield?

Hey there,

Thanks for the heads-up. We’re sending this to QA to see if we can reproduce it on our end. This issue was addressed during the Testlive period so it hopefully hasn’t creeped out of its coffin.


No, those were 2h weapons

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In my case, all without a shield as I knew about shields causing damage in the past so stopped using them.

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Great to know that a bunch of these aren’t intended then, haha. Thanks for the response!

Did a bunch more tests - I can’t seem to replicate the durability problem now, so I’m not sure if anything changed. Still seems to happen with the weapons, though.

Aside from that, I’ve noticed that sometimes thralls will get “stuck”. It happens most in combat, but they won’t move at all, even long after the fight ends. Having them unfollow and follow again doesn’t seem to work, and the only way to get them to walk again is to trigger the teleport or have them stand guard somewhere. A bit of a problem when you’re getting attackers, of course- (This started yesterday)

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They black ice swords ended up with higher values that intended long ago
And was a bug thus I assume the fixed it with correct value

yea that seems to happen a lot with this game, they nee4d to pay more attention.

@Ignasi from the reports I’m seeing a lot of these issues were fixed in testlive so I’m kinda wondering if what @helium3 has said could have possibly happened, the many “nerfed” weapons, the performance, it just seems like a lot of things went back to before the last testlive hotfix… might be something to look into

Hey @Monkey325

The fixes submitted during the Testlive period are present in the current live build. Whatever similar issue is now reported is remaining cases that were not spotted during the Testlive period. Regarding the thrall equipment loses, considering this is the only thread about it and not everyone reports consistent results is a far cry to the initial issues present in the first Testlive build.
Any remaining issues are being looked into now.
Thanks for the feedback.


appreciate the verification that this is a new issue that wasn’t connected to the fixed issues in the test live. hope the team can get the rest of the issues figured out.

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