Purge Named Thralls Question

So this has been a key thing in determining my base location, as I have been wanting named thralls from the purge for quite a bit. I previously had a base in the jungle, however, checking on the gamepedia, named crafter thralls from the purge only spawn in certain desert areas? Is this confirmed or out of date?Cause personally, I don’t wanna live in the locations where they spawn lol

Out of date after the next patch for sure, might be out of date now. More then likely if you are trying to completely avoid named Thralls, it won’t be possible. There are going to be boss enemies in all Purges, depending on Purge difficulty of the server.

I would treat anything you read in the wiki with a very large grain of salt. Almost everything I look up is wrong on there, or inaccurate. I always check funcom, reddit and then google after checking the wiki. I look for dates and compare to when patches have come out to work out the information I need.

I have had 1 purge occur at my main base since I started playing a few months ago. Rest have happened at a campfire, or a foundation I may have placed somewhere on the map. Last one happened at my small base near black hand ship. I saw no named thralls at all. Most have been spiders, so far just 2 purges with people. First one I didnt know what a purge was and lost half my base…LOL (was pretty funny as my gf was panicking and i was laughing…heh).

Depends on the named thrall, I guess. That is, the named guy spawns with the right type of Purge.

I’ve seen a named Priest of Mitra and a named archer in an Exile purge (the latter died before I saw who it was, just some nudist guy in a crowd of nudist guys), and a named Cook and archer in a Darfari purge (the cook was killed in an accident that involved waist-deep water, panic-clicking on keys and a sharp stick). Both Purges hit a base in an area where Exile and Darfari purges can happen.

I’ve also seen a couple of Lemurian purges but no named people in the jungle - but I don’t know if there are any named Lemurian purge people.

Haven’t had any higher-tier Purges yet, They fear my defenses.

And as Multigun said, the next update will change everything we know about Purges. Or at least everything I know, considering that I haven’t taken a peek into Testlive…

hey xtrr and @dakka

I understand your frustrations with the wiki (and the purge of course, but I am not a developer)

I am a wiki contributor and I would like to clarify the reasoning behind

  • not updating the purge map currently,
  • why the wiki is wrong, inaccurate, or simply missing information and
  • why you should contribute or let us know anything you find.

Please read this for more information!

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