Share Your Purge Thrall Spawn Experience

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Disclaimer: Please keep it on topic. Posting/complaining about getting no purges is irrelevant to the aim of this thread.

I’ve been doing some research on my base location for the desired thralls that come from purges. As shown below, my base is at the edge of the desert area.

Main Base Location


I’ve got two bridges in place to connect to other areas of the game.

I’m adding these additional screenshots in case, having any of these bridges connecting to the other places affects what purges you. Just for reference; When a friend had a base on the bigger island on the right, he got purged by Gorillas.

With that said, the focus of the thread is on human purges. In the base indicated above, this is what I experienced so far:

  • The first purge I got in this area, was from the Darfari Tribe. This netted me a bunch of named Fighters, and a named Alchemist which could do the Black & White Dyes.
  • Second time I got purged I was offline, but the event log shows they where Lemurian Fighters.
  • Today, I got purged again by Darfari. This time fewer named thralls spawned. Ultimately, a named Carpenter, Archer and Alchemist (Can also do Black & White Dyes) spawned.

(If anyone wants me to list the names of these purge thralls, let me know)

Since purges are quite random, I’m seeking information from other people regarding purge thralls. Mainly:

  1. What did you get purged by.
  2. If you can, show screenshots of your base location, and any connecting pieces to other areas (If it’s relevant to what spawns in the area).
  3. List, any named thralls that unlock exclusive items.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


I play on Official PVE-C. I don’t have time to add screenshots ATM, but I have my main base in the desert at the Priestking’s Retreat up on the high tower on the south side. I was initially purged attacked by scorpions, then another separate purge was desert dogs and yielded me 2 named purge thralls (Ezkiel the Mad - a Fighter and Kaud the Leather-worker - a Tanner). They usually assault my elevator on the ground and do not spawn on the bridge itself - the place is quite safe from purges.

Additionally, I have a jungle base up in the trees, a volcano (black-ice) base, and a small base near the Frost Giants…none of which have ever been touched by purges.

I have tons of screenshots of purges on other’s bases that I have participated in defending. The most recent was gorillas that spawned INSIDE of the walls of a base built on the side of a mountain in the jungle! The most fun one being the dozens of Frost Giants in what seemed like endless waves.

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Hyenas or Imps in the south (Jungle close to river/desert)
Silent Legion in the North (Up on the mountains, near the Volcano)

Never seen a human purge since day one, on the other hand the King scourge is always so gentle to visit me to have his heart removed.

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I mainly posted screenshots as I’m unsure on whether they affect what spawns or not. It also helps other players know where to build if they want purge thralls.

Thanks for sharing your experiences people. It’s great to know of other potential spots to build and hopefully get the desired purge thralls like the Blacksmith, Armorer and, Alchemist which offer exclusive items.

My human purge came from Desert Dogs - I take it that they were from the neaby ‘The Den’. They were all nude lol and they kept getting stuck in the rocky crags at the base of the southern aqueduct.!

Pic is of Frost Giants neat there temple on the ‘ledges’.FrostGiantpurge|690x388

Before the big 500+ patch i had several human purges and it was really nice. But now there are only beast purges on our official pve server. That’s frustrating.

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Where’s your base situated?

I have 2 bases and 2 outposts. 1st base is in the sands near Howler’s Lode, 2nd base near silkwood, 1st outpost near Asgarth and 2nd also in the jungle.
Before patch 1st base had 2 dogs of desert human purge and one scorp. But now only scorpions are spawning when i have purge here. Base in jungle was built after 500+ patch so there was imps and last was apes.

Not a single human purge on Official PVP server. A couple of spiders and one of those big white wolves (I don’t know how they are called in english). We have two bases on high rocks between Highlands and Desert, one near the Telith’s Island (spiders) and another near the Trapper’s Cabin (white wolves).

Could building near thrall camps affect what comes out of the purge?

Maybe having none close, makes wild creatures more prone to be the selected aggressor.

Howler’s Lode is a small thrall camp, so i’m as close to them as possible

Before when I haven’t built my shrines, My main base, located close to Waterhole Outlook gets spiders and locusts.

After building my shrines that weren’t connected to the main base, I get spiders, and last night werehyenas. It spawns closer to N’Batu’s Pack where most of my shrines are.

I havent had any human purges. But building close to a camp doesn’t guarantee human purges. I helped defend a human purge that wasn’t even close to any NPC camp. My theory is the bulk of your base should be in T3 pieces and you might have more chances of spawning a human purge. This is based from all the human purges I have helped defend, most of them have T3 buildings.

I got purged by Darfari while in 90% sandstone and also when it was around 60% stonebrick.

I built my main base next to the obilisk, in the pond at the mounds of the dead. I get a lot of Lost Tribe purges, but it never spawned a named crafter. Ever. Not in the last 6 months. I’ve had roughly 7 lost tribe purges.

I also built a public maproom at the volcano obilisk, which get’s targeted quite often by the Votaries of Skelos.
Again not a single crafter, after 6 times of that purge.

I also built a public Maproom at the Well of Skelos. I get a lot of frost giant purges down there, but they mainly go lava-dipping.

Mind you, my defence force consist purely of truncheon wielding melees. So I never accidentally kill purge crafters.

All purge tables, except for exiled faction, and dogs of desert faction, are bugged.

I believe they are deliberately left disabled, because in the devkit those tables has an extra “s” in their file name, except for exile and dogs faction…

There’s not enough information about purges, hopefully this thread can help them realize any flaws in the system.

Thanks for shedding more detail on other parts of the world. On official servers being highest difficulty could also be part of the problem in seeing less thralls in purges. They should also have at least some guaranteed named thralls spawning considering they’re so rare.

From my personal experience, I got a named alchemist to spawn on both darfari purges. I wish I was online when the lemurian purged me :confused: Could have seen what they can spawn. No one seems to have gotten a single purge armorer or blacksmith.

I hope that most purges will be human. That will make the game more interesting imo.

My base is at the mounds. Only one purge consisting entirely of level 3 fighters and archers.

Another base just south of new asgarth. Several purges containing npcs or wolves. Only named thrall was fighter twice (Derek Brokenfinger or some such). He did however spawn with a wolf purge once.

I’ve managed human purges twice (both on outposts, my main base seems to get only apes - probably location dependent).

First time was Desperate Exiles, they had one named Archer, who was unfortunately killed before I could KO her. Second time was Degenerate Lemurians, waves and waves of fighters and archers, but no named of any kind.

I got purged or my clan did. I was offline to that was dull. They damaged some fence foundations but I think my thralls decimated them becauase I saw little other damage.

Kind of boring being offline when it happened. I am she it was fantastic.