No purge crafters in new purge system

The purge would often spawn at least one crafter now because the thralls are in cages you cant get them anymore

The new purge gives very little that can not be acquired elsewhere. Without the crafters or some unique items worth the risks loosing your defense thralls to the purge i see no reason to use the new system

This is the Age of War. Accordingly, the purge is not to capture artisans, but to fight. There are only soldiers in the Stygian army, what should artisans do there?
After the Age of War, logically, the old purge should be brought back, just as normal day and night were brought back instead of the eclipse after the Age of Sorcery.

And if this purge system is permanent then its just fighting for nothing and will become an unused mechanic

I still like the idea of being able to ko thralls in a purge.
Realistically though, there is no point to purge thralls since their cultural armor/food was taken from them and legendary kits were lootable in the world and are now pointless anyway.

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