Thralls in cages… what to do?

So you’ve probably noticed your thralls are becoming a bit too many if you enjoy doing purges frequently. I’d like to suggest that thralls become peaceable—like pulling out of a wheel—after rescuing them. This would make it so we can place them down when we’re ready, rather than being forced to instantly use them. Also, crafters could finally be added to the loot pool. Look, it’s cool to see a thrall just walk out, but come on… it’s getting ridiculous now. Also, as I said, we want crafters. Purges use to be a great way to get crafters, but now they don’t spawn at all. Either have all thralls disappear and reappear in our inventory when let out of the cages OR let us get the option when unlocking the cages to convert the thrall to a placeable.


This function - taking the thrall into inventory and placing it again - has been asking for several years now. There are mods that implemented this a long time ago. Why the creators of the game are reluctant is unclear.

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Agreed. I know it’s a feature that was carried over from Siptah, but let’s face it, most of us didn’t rescue thralls as frequently on Siptah as we do now. The chances for a T4 spawn on Siptah was close to zero, and therefore didn’t appeal to me after while. Now with purges, the chances are significantly higher due to the level of the purge. This is OBVIOUSLY going to be a bigger issue now than it once was.

They should have had the thrall cages be like gibbets that act more like containers so that you loot the thrall instead of releasing them then they could add back the purge crafter table.


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They may be counting on the fact that many of our enslaved NPCs will be killed during high-level purges.
So actually replacing these with the prisoners present in the cages makes sense, but the players who manage to defend without loss find themselves with a surplus of enslaved NPCs.

Maybe Funcom underestimated us, maybe they didn’t think of everything. Anyway, I agree with you.

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I had considered that, but again, it’s an issue of not being able to get crafters either. Also, I LOVE dancers, but I’m not gonna use most of them during a purge, so the only beneficial thralls are fighters—and maybe bearers for meat shields with high vitality. Regardless, I wanna place some of them at my own convenience… and get crafters. Something needs to be done here. It’s seriously limiting and feels wasteful to see a good thrall and not being able to recruit them due to thrall caps and server performance.

My dancers fight- i level them to cap and they fight- no slackers. Always make them archers so less chance of them dying.

Then i slowly eliminate lower end thralls i have if the ones i get are better.

Pets are the next to go. Sorry cats - ill keep one maybe two and thats it.

None of my thralls stay at zero- they either get to 20 and fight or they are gone.

So ideally a solo player cap is 60.

10 thralls /pets- dancers, pack animals etc

35- fighters
15 -archers - all capped. Level 10 purge shouldnt be a problem

That whole time you spent leveling them your doing it on dungeons to get legendary weapons to equip them with.

Here are a few legendaries that are effective in purges-

I think you’re missing the point. I just want backups of thralls or for trading… and crafters. I’m not too concerned about if I can beat the purge with my thralls that are given in the purge. The point is that thralls should be placeable, not automatically released and guarding. This could also help by making purges locked to the clan. If a non-clan member helps in the purge, thralls can be dropped to them instead of relying on opening the cages themselves. This would also combat people that steal from your purge… which has happened to some people on occasion already.


He’s been chain replying without reading in a bunch of threads. Try not to engage.

I’ve had people lurking around trying to steal stuff in PvE. Thankfully the purge waves have a big aggro radius. It’s common for me to see a corpse or two when I’m done. If purges were locked to clans, that would be great.

I play with just one other person, so the thrall limit is small. The higher difficulty rewards are pretty weak, but the sting would be lessened if we could vault the ones we rescue


Have been playing on official pve-c Siptah server since before the war updates came out got a named bearer out of cage he is the first and last we have kept a real tank even after the Nerfs around 7 thousand some health points. On Exiles map using several named dancers from Sinners Refuge. @jmk1999

Always appreciate your feedback, however I’m not questioning HOW to get thralls. I’m saying the purge needs to allow us to open the cages and convert them to placeable thralls.

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I understand now. Have not been involved with the new purge yet.

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Ah, yeah. It’s just like rescuing thralls from cages on siptah.

Ok then

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