Purge thralls should not have unique items

Purge thralls should require less materials and craft faster than even normal named thralls, but they should not have anything that a normally spawning thrall doesn’t already have.




There is no reason whatsoever why thralls captured during a purge should be any different from other thralls.

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They are already different though. I just want it to be limited to their stats, instead of locking recipes behind purges.

Them adding white and black dyes to the Witchdoctor and Skittering Cavern chests was an amazing change. I would like to see it happen with other recipies as well. I would like to be able to craft legendary repair kits for example, but there is no way I am ever getting a purge thrall.


I would 100% rather have garbage recipes locked behind purge thralls than have increased crafting times and less material usage locked behind purge thralls

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Do you not understand higher tiers of thralls already do this?

Look at the section labelled benefits:

I am literally just suggesting you take away unique recipes from them, leave T4s alone, and buff Purge thralls item cost to -75% from -50%.

Wow damn I never realized purge thralls craft faster. Still, I don’t think they should be better than regular t4s at all. The recipes are fine because they’re not that useful anyways, especially since witchdoctor was added for dyes.

Legendary repair kits are still a thing.

Easy to obtain, and I personally have a chest full as byproduct from farming the unnamed city. It’s not locked behind purge thralls like the actually useless recipes I’m talking about.


The recipe is locked behind purge thralls, even if the item is not.

If you just want the recipes removed anyways then it shouldn’t matter to you, because you can already get the item. And you also play on PvE so it doesn’t matter how quickly other people can get them.

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I don’t want them removed. I want the exclusivity removed.

In other words, I want there to be thralls that spawn in the world to also have access to the recipies. That’s the whole reason I mentioned the witchdoctor getting black and white dyes.

As long as crafting speeds are normalized across purge thralls and normal t4 thralls, idc

Then make a thread for that because, at least according to the wiki, that isn’t even the case currently.

The only thing this thread is suggesting is:

  1. Make recipies currently exclusive to purge thralls available on some non-purge T4 thralls
  2. Lower their material cost by 25% to compensate for losing the exclusivity on recipies

We can make them, but loot them instead. Have not ran low, when we get below 50, maybe make some more.

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the solution to this is to make purges easier for the individual player to get… disable the purge meters offline decay! purge NPCs become attainable by individual players and so do their individual recipes and items! (plz funcom…. remove the purge offline decay)


I disagree. I think Purges should go back to being something that is feared rather than something people purposely try to bait and farm by spamming buildings, thralls and crap everywhere, destroying server performance in the process.

If that’s someone’s method for trying to farm Purge thralls, then they’re doing it wrong. Their best bet is to research where the Purge types they desire spawn, then build a single base there to guarantee what subset of purges they’ll get.

This is how I’ve been able to supply my server with Purge crafters for the past several months.

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