Turn off Conan Exiles Purge on officials

Happy Holidays.

I’m probably gonna get plenty of hate.
Nonetheless these are my thoughts since I started playing Conan Exiles since early access.

The purge element of the game even though it was a great element of the game it has had it many issues and a few times in the past have been temporarily suspended due to such.

Now with the new update that all named thralls have the same recipes and what matters most is the the type and tier of bench or worktable. It’s no longer required to hunt or grind for hours for that perticular thrall in the world or that special purge thrall to spawn in the world to craft or improve that particular item.

The main purpose for me at least to get the purge was to obtain special thralls whether it was as a crafter or purge fighter but now it really is obsolete since with the addition of the new npcs given previously besides the ones we can capture in the world suffice what we needed to craft, build, and defense.

Thanks… Stay safe everyone.

The Purge wasn’t meant to be only a source of thralls. It’s also meant to be a threat to player-built bases. The latter aspect hasn’t changed.


The latter aspect would be ok, if (and that is the point!) it worked propperly. But I guess most of us have already experienced purge NPCs spawning either inside your base, although there are good ways to access even from outside, or (and that is even worse) spawn inside some foundations etc and never can be seen before they will have demolished many foundations etc. -

So with all these bugs on purge I am not a fan of it either and vote for stopping it.

And without the aspect of needing purge NPCs for crafting what is the meaning of present purge (with its bugs) but in destroying our bases without fair chances to set working defences against it?

Yes, it’s annoying that the Purge teleports inside your base or on rooftops. But in that case I’d rather advocate fixing the programming that determines where the Purge will spawn (if necessary, preventing indoors spawning altogether even though that would make lollipop bases inviolable), rather than getting rid of the game feature.

and when the problem is here for more than 15 monhts, without talking that purge even spawn undermesh and destroy stuff from inside moutain i also think it"s time to stop purge, because between the fact that it’s totally bugged, and that t5 thralls have no more value to catch. and knowing that i am not ■■■■■■■■■, i don’t see point of purge, at least on a pvp server.

Purge fixes would be very welcome, but if bugged purges are no longer a threat then I would very much like to see purges enhanced rather than removed. I’ve only had about 6 purges so far (some by noob river and some by the mounds, pve official), but I would very much like to get longer lasting and more challenging purges.

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so lets say keep purge for pve playersn and remove of pvp server, we dont need additionial action here, and no bugged purges are needed.

Actually the purge was supposed to be an equalizer and not just some kind of mass thrall recruiting exercise but because it’s mostly a static system, powerful clans just use them to get more power and beginning clans get holes in their bases. I actually say scale the purge based on on inventory, total construction size on server, active thrall count, and number in clan. The higher up you are, the more nasty the purge. Also remove the activity aspect of the purge counter and just have it as a timer…every week you get a purge with difficulty based on how powerful you are. Everyone should fear purges…not look at it like Christmas.


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