What kind of survival game Conan Exiles turned into, after all?

  • It’s not a Building game anymore, because we still have lots of materials and building styles (dlcs), but you can’t create great bases once you can’t defend them due thralls cap
  • It’s not a PvP game anymore, because we still have lots of weapons, armors and shields (dlcs), but thralls are OP and better fighters. It should be a PvT (Player vs Thralls). Or better yet, a TvT (Thralls vs Thralls)
  • It’s not a “defend from the purge” game, because purges take long time intervals and when arrive you don’t even know where they are till some internal walls fall, usually those that should be protecting your most valiable itens, while all your defenses were positioned outside your base. Purges really looks like trojan horses. So, “Defend from trojan horses”
  1. You still can build, not capable of defending your base, doesnt change this.
    Also on PVE server other players cant damage your buildings.
    The thrall cap is actually a good thing, but It should probably raised to 200-300 per clan, regardless if it has full members or not.

  2. The thrall leveling is great and that they are stronger now was necessary, maybe some people think twice now if they attack your base, but there are probably still some cheesy ways to kill them.
    I agree that it needs some tweaking.
    Was wandering around with my T4 thrall and he has 4500 HP more than I and does more damage to NPC and monsters, I actually feel Im the useless thrall now.

  3. The purge system is not good, never was.
    I have to admit, I was never present when a purge happened, or I came to late.
    I also dont like that they can spawn in your base if there is no path for them.


1.Tell that to two people on my server that just completed a massive castle, stables and treehouse.

  1. Thralls can actually kill mobs on their own if i get seperated from them instead of dying.Tactics on the part of players are needed.

3.The purge is very powerful when set to max setting. Destroyed half my starter base as we were not prepared and brushed it off.

What else you got? Just sayin

This game just needs a revamp of the claim system.

It turned into an awesome survival game.


Yeah, servers with no building areas because of spammed foundations everywhere it’s awesome…

Play in a different server

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@darthphysicist stop telling people with 4k hours in this game how or what they should do.

Youve got the complaint about servers. After 4k hours I would think you would rent your own.

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It turned out a wonderful pvevp base building game with awesome momentum based movement and dodge rolls!
Keep the updates coming!


We can agree to disagree on this.

Just to articulate, the first trailer before the game even came out was people fighting and mitra making crumble of T2 town. But it’s not a PvP game, right. :wink:

Cool down bro. I dont care how much youve played.

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@Managarm “The thrall cap is actually a good thing, but It should probably raised to 200-300 per clan, regardless if it has full members or not.”

You contradict your OWN comment in the same sentence…

Actually the thrall cap is not a good thing. But I am glad you can opt out of that stupidity of limiting.

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