Purge thralls should not have unique items

Strongly disagree. The quest to obtain Purge crafters for certain armors, dyes, and other items is a big part of the end game. Their worth has already been undermined by making legendary weapon repair kits common drops, not giving legendary armor repair kits to Purge armorers, and the introduction of jumping puzzles and the Witch Doctor to get dyes.

Some things should require dedication and/or ingenuity to acquire; that said, I agree with @NOGG that the Purge Meter should not decay while people are offline. Dedication to the game, and having a work-life balance that limits gaming hours should not be mutually exclusive.


Purges were supposed to be events that required teamwork and cooperation to fight against. People trying to bait and farm them goes against that entire concept.

Who says there’s no teamwork or cooperation? Purges on my server are generally community get-together events. More experienced players help out the newbies at their purges, while 60s help one another out at each others’.

It’s a sandbox game, so WrongBadFun™ arguments are shaky at best. Some clans have fun figuring out how to farm world-bosses efficiently, some folks go full Minecraft, others like PvP and raiding. Mine just so happens to enjoy the thrill of an actual challenging fight where logistics come into play, and there are commensurate rewards to be had.

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You’re missing the point. I am not saying it is wrong fun or there is no co-op. I am saying co-op was supposed to be required just to even survive them.

I agree I’m a solo player on PvE I have one main base and several outposts for farming different locations but I can’t get my purge meter to fill up unless I build more bases that I don’t need which is a waste of my time and plus the purge is broken my last purge I only got one wave and the 2nd wave never appeared I couldn’t find the stupid werehyenas I ran all over then purge ended I consider myself a completionist and driving me crazy that I can’t get the 3 Unique Helmets locked behind the purge armorers I tried messaging other players on my server to trade if they have the purge armorers but nobody has them so I’m stuck now … purge meter should not decrease when you go offline

And so what? U had one failed purge and thats it? I had alnost 2 k hours ingame before I get purge thralls and still do not regret it… choose carefully the biome u r in, and hope… that is the beauty of purge… as for recipes, they r nice that r locked behind a purge… for me personally its refreshing that there is a game where to get something better does not depends on what u payed or how long u played… so hell yes… the only thing id request from purges is to increase difficulty and rewards based on level and not biome

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Yeah I’m missing your point.
I mean, I agree cooperation should required to even survive (at least some kind of) purges. And it already is this way if a rocknoses, demons or cimmerian tamers purge attack you.

But why they should give not you unique rewards to winning this kind of challenges ? Because let me say, just my opinion, but to have to find allies just to mantain what I already deserved to have playing hard the game without any rewards it’s not funny at all.


Dude I’ve been playing since EA some purges work some don’t but I’m speaking of the purge since the last update you have 2k hrs I have more who cares where not running a game marathon here

Because it alters the purpose of the purges.

Instead of people fearing them, they are whining about not being able to trigger them. That should tell you everything you need to know.

Heaven forbid if people look forward to and ENJOY part of the game. What was Funcom thinking?!


it is not about a marathon, but u should also Must remember the days when it was broken… the experience on different purge types is the fact that u should take into consideration when we speak about hours…not the how much i played or u played thingie u may have focused to…

btw i have 2,7k hours and play from early access as well… and i am nowhere near an inactive player…and have builds in ALL biomes (and experienced purges in ALL biomes) so yeah purge is perfect as it is, BUT for me personally needs to get harder… at least based on player level

You’re speaking like or you fear purges or you want them. Well it’s not true. I’m afraid of purges and I want to have them because they actually can destroy my base but they are also rewarding if I win.

The only purpose they could achieve if they was no rewarding will be to have people suggesting of eliminate them from the game.


Well I’m on Xbox I started from EA and Yes the game was in a horrid start everyone afraid of wearing there best equipment because if you crash your character would continue running so you would either die from a creature and then couldn’t find your body at times cause it would disappear and you would lose everything only on rare occasions did you run into a wall and not aggro anything those were scary days lol the game has improved greatly and I’ll be honest I never timed the hrs I’ve played this game and not sure we’re to check but I know I’m in the thousands like yourself I’m very active sometimes I would take a day or two break cause of the heavy farming I spent days doing it’s work and burns you out at times when your a solo player it’s not easy but I’m hooked on this game … but since the update the purge meter decreases when you log off I’m against this the purge meter should remain right we’re it is till you log back on

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