Which rewards would you personally like to get from the purges?

There were some mentions about useless rewards from the purge chests, people were also discussing the option of getting not only immediatelly placed thralls, but also some workers. We can discuss it here and think out some constructive ideas.

So tell me your opinions:

  1. Which missing rewards would you like to get from the purge chests and cages?
  2. Which rewards you think should be removed from the current reward/loot list?
  3. Which current rewards are ok as they are right now, in your opinion?
  4. Which thralls would you like to get from the cages and which should be removed?
  5. What other stuff should sell the salesman you rescue from the cage?

For me:

  1. Siptah recipes in the Exiled Lands /pets/weapons/armor, eldarium, other Siptah resources (and vice versa - Exiled Lands recipes and stuff when playing on Siptah), khari steel

  2. Artisan table content (benches, shelves, chairs, etc…), spits of random building materials which are pain in the butt to sort, eggs of EL pets, stuffed animals

  3. Supply materials - but let them be full of bricks or steel, shaped wood etc. (in some normal higher number packages), religion recipes, new Stygian recipes, radium gems, valuable and rare treasures

  4. More T4 fighters and less bearer/entertainer thralls. I would completely remove T2 and T3 thralls in cases of purge level 8 and higher - give us less cages, I don’t mind, but let there be T4 thralls only.

  5. Building materials, arrows, maybe those crafter thralls (?), some legendary weapons

  1. Workers. I get raided often and need to recover.

Plus it is good paperweight on the topic of why even raid another players base if the supply can be traded.

Recipes like heavy weighted truncheons and vagabond armor. Also some undead pets or the lantern shield would be voll AF.

I need legendary weapons (at least 5-6 pieces), a large number of star metal arrows, and strong named warriors.
No need for food or garbage Stygian rags.
No bearers needed.

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I would like to see Khari armor pieces and Khari steel bars be included in the Stygian purges. Khari armors are some of the best looking designs (in my opinion), but the only way to get them is to run the Winecellar over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

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have any thralls guarding door ways (the new placement area) that kill a purge npc gain xp based on the npc tier.

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I’d like to see the rewards scale with purge level and difficulty. By difficulty, I mean if a player lets a bunch of thralls do all the work and just stands off to the side and watches, they would receive lower rewards than the player that stand beside their thralls and fights. And the player who solos the purge will get the best loot for a given level purge.

Purge level 1 should reward old school loot of stone, wood, plant fiber and iron. Then scale up the quality of loot for each purge level. Purge level five starts to get into the better loot materials, steel, harden steel, kari steel, etc. Purge eight begins star metal.

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I am afraid it would be difficult to find a mechanism which would determine those factors correctly. The only possible factor I can imagine about this optional system would be some purge “kill count” for the player himself.

But according to the new purge being intended more as a tactical and strategy thing overall (meaning counting with the usage of the thralls, cauldrons, forts, etc., and not so much about self-challenged experienced players cheesing the purge by themselves any way possible), it possibly won’t be even considered to be implemented into the game.

In my opinion making the effort to create functional defense using thralls and other possibilities is not something “less worthy” than one player dealing with the purge without using anything except his force and personal battle tactics.

So I see no reason to give a player who is dealing with the purge the way it was mentioned lesser reward than to someone who just needs some serious overkill challenge. :slight_smile:


Good idea, because it would not be valid for every defending thrall, just for those in the new guarding positions - so not exploitable, but rather rewarding idea. :+1:

i like your ideas for start.
for me though:

  1. crom coins!
  2. i didnt see anything too gamebreaking in the rewards from purge, and if u dont want something that u got for free just dont take it. the stygian clothes are pretty useless though aside from looking nice.
  3. building mats are great.
  4. the ones that always kill my lvl 20 tier 4 thralls…them i want!
  5. steads, supplies, thralls, tamed animals, could also be nice if he would buy stuff for gold.
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Coding wisebit would take work. But basicalky just adding a flag to any thrall in treasure area at door guard position is treated as a follower. It would take just editing some BPs to do it. I wounder if i can find it it dev kit to try???

ps side effect is it would reward more doorways around the treasure room instead of the choke point strategy.


The rewards should be grouped into similar types and those are spread out between a number of containers locked by keys dropped by the Purge Champion. The keys are only useable while the camp is still up and despawn when it does if you don’t use them.

The idea is you have to pick what rewards you want and you don’t have enough keys to open all chests. So if you want building materials, you get building materials. If you want alchemical materials, you can choose that. If you want a thrall you get a thrall. And so forth.

The quality and amount of reward in each container is based on the level of the purge.

Give the players a choice of reward and we don’t really need threads arguing about what is a better reward for X activity. Everyone simply chooses what they want.


I’d like more T4 workers. Gotta catch them all!

What seems weird to me is the amount of stygian rag armor we get. It makes sense from an immersion perspective - they brought some spare armor. But from a gaming perspective, it seems weird to give us tons of really bad light armor.

One may argue for building materials to repair the damage a purge does. However, a raid/farming/repairing-loop seems smarter game-wise.

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I really like the idea of the purge being a source of materials/loot you can’t get anywhere else. The stygian recipes and the material for making fire siege cauldrons is definitely in the right ball park. A unique resource to make unique armour and weapons would be cool, akin to khari steel.

I think the rewards should also help sustain the war effort, so obviously repair materials and arrows and gold, but also something to help handle the next purge better. Something like an exp potion for thralls would be good, that way your fighters can actually level up from all the fighting without having to follow you (which I find often results in their death). This would be easier to implement than a live exp system for thralls as some suggested too (though the live exp version is definitely more fun)

keeping in mind modded servers might want to adjust things as well as keeping things easy to tweak for development… there should be a table which defines the various details of the purge. number of waves, how many per wave, what type of npc or a set of ids specifying the types possible and randomly selected from when creating a wave. the same can be done for the treasure. number of boxes and the contents of each box with a probability of each

pretty basic stuff for most devs

Off hand, I’d say Siptah recipes and eldarium (and eldarium scraps), crafter thralls, and Siptah pets such as creatures and dogs.


An excellent topic!

This one is largely happy with the particulars of the rewards. What they are that is.
How much is often the Crux.

Which missing rewards would you like to get from the purge chests and cages?
All varieties of Stygian Armour.
Infantry, Heavy, Invader, ect.
Armour Padding, perfected from higher end purges.

Which rewards you think should be removed from the current reward/loot list?
Agreed on the eggs and random furniture.
It should be all stygian furniture if at all, and even that should be reduced in quantity.
Tightening the loot pool to reflect what would be in a Stygian out of hegemony tax collecting war chest.

Which current rewards are ok as they are right now, in your opinion?
The new Stygian recipes and armour set, purrfection.
Very unfortunate that the Stygian rations cannot be used for wheels of friendship.
Materials are good, but volume should be stepped up.
Traps, Palisades, ect all make sense and could be useful in spawning new purges

Which thralls would you like to get from the cages and which should be removed?
This one would prefer fewer thralls who are available on the regular map.
No more than a single bearer and a single entertainer per set.
The merchant should appear in each batch.
Increasing the instance of Purge only Thrall. At least one cage in each 8+ purge should be a purge exclusive named thrall.

What other stuff should sell the salesman you rescue from the cage?
Purge exclusive crafters so that there is a way to acquire them in game.

This one looks at the current purge and sees lots of potential to be toggled with.

They don’t have to be Stygian Army.
In future Ages, they could be replaced with more topical antagonists.
Alternatively, they could be biome flavoured, Army of Aquilon purges the Meadowlands, Black Corsairs purge the coast and river lands, Stygian Remnants purge the Sandy wastes and Savannahs, Hyperboreans (ok, they don’t exist yet in core game) purge the Tundra, ect…

If the Purge is going to be set to Stygian Tax collectors all day every day, this one will revise suggestions, but as matters stand, this one likes baked in flavour.

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Lore-wise, purges should always be Stygians. They might include mercenaries, which may be tied to the biome. But the story tells us that Stygia regularly cleans the land of settlements and takes all artifacts uncovered by the Exiles.

So… Aquilonian mercenearies with a Stygian commander - okay.

This one meant Aquilonian under Aquilonian command. Aquilonia is an aggressive, expansionistic empire rules by corruption and greed hiding under Mitra’s smile (when not rules by Conan, which it obviously isn’t at this time). They also hate Stygia and anything Stygian adjacent, such as a Stygian arch - mage’s personal artifact dig site.
They are there to loot and pillage, before Toth-Amon does. The only way to keep powerful relics out of Stygian hands is if they take them by force first. Something something something, if we don’t invade the Exiled Lands the snake cultists win.
Mercs can be anywhere and everywhere and may be better and random encounters.

Also, lore wise, the Purge is Toth-Amon sponsored looking for Relics, not Stygia sponsored looking for cash money…
Until this update.

Future updates may equally rewrite the particulars.

I’m happy with the purge loot. I don’t get what the fuss is about.