First Purge Feedback

I just ran my first purge, a lvl 2.
The purge was fine, a careless thrall was killed but otherwise i defeated many waves and defeated the commander.

Here are my problems. My thrall, died at the entry of the camp, when I was victorious, she despawned and I couldn’t get my kit back from her, i ended the combat 2 minutes after she died. She had a nice kit. I was unable to collect anything off the many dead I killed, no drops except the keys from the commander. I got three keys. there was only one chest i can open and it was filled with literal trash.


No gold, no food, no weapons, no nada, just trash used armor.

All in all, there was no gain from the experience and no reason to repeat.

The reward must include piles of gold, that should be obvious since if you do get lucky and can buy from the npc in the end, you need a lot of gold.

Oh yeah, and the one thrall in a cage, that eventually we will be able to recruit or something was also trash tier 1 exile. What?

In addition, the lag on the beta server is outrageous. Do something about it Funcom. The two times that lag has killed me, the game was also unable to find my bed or my bedroll, and sent me to the desert. Not cool.


Welcome to the Forum. Thanks for the info

I also had 2 tier 1 thralls came out of cage guarding. Could not interact with them at all said I did not own them.

I agree with what you’re saying but the loot should scale with the tier of the purge. If I do a level 1 or 2 then i shouldn’t expect too much in regards of loot that doesn’t fit the tier but the rare chance of something good should be still possible but very low.

I agree it should scale with the tier.

I’m saying as it is, it doesn’t hit the mark. It currently cost much more then the player is rewarded in the case of a tier 2 purge. So they need to rebalance the reward to exceed the general cost of the mechanic or it becomes just a pointless credit sink. It feels like a mechanic designed to be a money hole…?

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Does the amount of treasure or gold within the coffer radius disappear after each purge is activated? Or does it remain unless it is stolen? Allowing us to activate purges over and over with the same treasure we already have. I can’t remember exactly what they said in the dev-stream :slight_smile:

But I definitely agree, the rewards need to be worth the challenge. I’m still waiting to see someone post a T4 thrall they got!

And why should our chest be emptied if it has not been plundered? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Ive run 6 level 10 purges now in single player- 6 cages appear at the end - you only get 5 keys from the commander- not sure if that by design or intended

Two loot chests but only one is lootable- i believe this was reported already

A vendor , who appears in one of the cages, will sell you items. Thats the point of the purge.

100 explosive arrows for 5 gold is a steal right now.

Catapult boulders, traps are also up for sale.

I suspect trebuchets are going to have more of a use in chapter three for these boulders.

The point is not for xp or loot off enemies. I mean conscripted slaves who fight dont exactly have anything you want.

Stygian demolishers-guys with battering rams- will destroy one of your foundations in 7-10 hits depending on your foundation strength. They do 12k damage per hit to structures and benches.

And they will destroy your treasure chest if you dont stop them- all your items drop and if not picked up by you, the purge will end and youve lost 100k value. Ive let the purge do this too.

Anyways the point is this- can you protect your vaunted treasure or can you not?

Saying you can isnt the same as actually doing it.

Oh yes and ive had casualties and im right there to loot their gear as all of it is elite stuff i crafted and legendary weapons- so youll need to remember that

Screenshot 2023-08-30 203813
Screenshot 2023-08-30 203837
Screenshot 2023-08-30 203900

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The only thing i would request is a character COPY to official public test servers-your stripped of everything. You start with nothing but your 60 cap - and what you know.

At the end of the test, the character on test server is deleted.

To @Phebull 's point. We did a Level 2 followed by a Level 5. Exact same reward.

The only bright side was buying 100 explosive arrows for 5 gold each.

Thralls in cages are not capturable. No loot on attackers, which is fine. No loot on 1 skulls, which is fine, 4 keys of the Commander, which allow us to open 1 chest with crap and cages to free T1&2 thralls who do nothing.

We love the mechanic of the purge, but the reward is underwhelming.

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It’s funny that Den claimed that you will get back stuff that you lost during a Purge, so you can use it to rebuild/repair. I expected that the system counts what doors/buildings have been destroyed and that this +50% would end up as raw materials inside the chest at the end.

Instead we get crap. Literally crap that you farm in 5 minutes.

But you can buy 100 explosive arrows for 5 gold coins. So you can circumvent that dragonpowder farming + crafting.

It’s just a joke. 3 months of work. Nothing but a joke.


i mean, 100 explosive arrows for 5 gold is a deal, but I can literally harvest everything I need to make 500 explosive arrows in about an hours worth of work.

Up front, I haven’t played the Beta, but from what I have been able to read from other players, the Purge Rewards isn’t worth the effort. The Old purge we could kill npcs and collect a lot more armor, weapons, crafting materials, and some decent Thralls. The damage done with the new purge to a player’s building and loss of any crafting thralls, fighters, etc, the Rewards do not replace or justify any benefit of even running a purge. I know the information I have seen is from a Beta test, I just hope the actual release of next chapter will have better results for players. I do have one question about the Convergence Trap currently used to activate or stop a purge. I have chests full of the Lesser ?? used to make the trap function, is anything mentioned about converting them to something we players can use or changed their function in the game.

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The question is: how much goldstone can you get in an hour?

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I like how literally everything in that list costs 5 gold, regardless of rarity, usefulness, or amount sold. 5 gold. (Unless it’s the mercenary banners, then it’s 10).

I’ve put more effort into prices using Mushi and Pippi than this appears to have taken.

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well it was not a great experencie because is currently too much bugged but i can understand that such a new feature needs a toon of work and is WIP still.

i also LOVE that you can call it when you want it and not be annoying when you are busy in the middle of a war.

BUT. the rewards are currently not great, seems like the only real value is having access to the vendor.
maybe the chest that spawn is intended to be the reward?

Selling explosives may not be a great idea especially when it becomes far more easier than to craft them allowing to jump on the steps required to make a bomb.
So what does that does? reduce the need of having a base. all you need is some gold, call a random purge and get the vendor.

so if having a base without a god bubble wasn’t bad enough already, is going to become what i call “guerrilla meta” defending a base would be near impossible, so your best bet would be to be hiding, get some loot, some gold, call the purge, buy all the explosives you need, and proceed to spend them all in a raid. You don’t even need a proper base, just hide your gold and you are good to go.
(assuming of course that the prices stays as they currently are)

so access to explosives increases and the defending posibilities decreases, good luck in trying to defend in a hypothetical battle with equal numbers, not even speaking if you are outnumbered, your base is going to be crushed. and i feel like you are losing the “home field” advantange.

also, random comment: bear traps are still useless if you can get friendly fired, if you remove the friendly activation it could become a pretty cool defending asset.

Quite a bit actually but ill get an exact amount. Ive been running bloodstone runs across across EL.

When you do that your getting goldstone and silverstone off the mini bosses that spawn. With a blackblood pick and expertise configuration- ooooweee!

Then turning in the bloodstone and getting kits which give steelfire and alchemical base, coins for thralls and legendary weapons?

Dood! :rofl:

I need a bearer or elephant to carry all my goodies back!

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