Purge blacksmith, not with purge benefit?

The other day, I acquired an Alumit Anvilbrow which is a purge blacksmith, but cannot craft any of the special purge blacksmith recipes such as steel reinforcement (from steel fire and iron reinforcements) / legendary repair kits.

Any reason as to why? Or am I mistaken of this thralls tier?

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Did you get him from a purge?

There are non-purge versions of some purge craftsmen that you can find sometimes.
I found one in sinners refuge that was the same as what you are describing.

purge craftsman name, no purge skills.


The best way I can describe this is, if a thrall can be found outside of the purge they will not have the purge recipes. Only named crafters that are specific to purge events will have the additional recipes. The thrall you mentioned can be found naturally on the map and therefore will not have the recipes. Here’s a link to his wiki page.



Yeah, we acquired it from a raid. So yeah, technically can’t recall where it came from. That sucks!

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its a game design flaw and should have long been fixed. Remove all normal T4 thralls from purges. Purges are something rare, its endgame-content to farm purge thralls and then you get a standard T4 one…

Makes 0,0 sense, like many other things in the game. But that happens, if the own company/devs dont play the game at all or run around in admin mode 24/7.

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