Named Blacksmith Recipes

All named blacksmiths have the recipe for the steel reinforcements, 1 iron reinforcement and 1 steel fire. Previously this was only available with Purge blacksmiths.

Purge blacksmiths are missing the recipe for Legendary repair kits even when placed on the tinkerers bench.

Test thrall


Great find! I hope this will be corrected, because with the advanced recipe to craft steel reinforcements (1/5 iron needed) on every named blacksmith, the maps will get spammed with T3 even more!

Hey @Wak4863

This is a mostly intended change. Here’s what our mighty Rob (the Swede) shared about blacksmiths and armorer thralls:

Blacksmiths and Armorer thralls have been homogenized - and so they all have the same recipes right now. The first case, the steel reinforcements - that’s intended. All blacksmiths now have that. For the second case (with the legendary repair kits) - we moved those from “purge” thralls to “Durability” thralls instead - we don’t want them to be very common. Also - worth pointing out is that on testlive, there’s old data where the legendary kits are simply not available at all

Thanks for the feedback.


So question does that make it so purge thralls are of no use anymore, if they do not do anything special???


Confirmed the note from Rob, Working as stated in game. Thanks

Legendary armor repair kits are a thing as well:


This is awesome. Can’t wait for the update.

bout time!!!


But I sincerely feel that Purge Blacksmiths should offer something, anything to differentiate them from the regular T4 Blacksmiths found in the Exiled Lands. Some Purges in which we find T4 Purges are VERY challenging, and should offer unique rewards. It is one of the most fun end game loops in the Exiled Lands. Again they should offer some, any form of unique reward.

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I’ve never even had one in exiled lands (built is Sekhet Oasis and only got stupid insects for purges) but I think you are right. Maybe some special bonuses like +X stats or + Y armor. Special recipes seemed like a good thing for them to offer though. They should be the crown jewels of your Thrall collection after all.

Hey there @Subotai_Archer_Thief. I am not sure what platform or mode you play on, but if you have access to the Admin Panel I may be able to help you. In the ‘Purge’ settings sub-menu, change the Purge Level setting to 4 in order to maximise your chances of a human Purge. Settings of 5 or 6 will only yield animal purges. You could also adjust the Purge Meter Trigger Value setting to alter the frequency, with lower number values leading to more frequent purges. Sort of like this:

Although I wouldnt go as low as 2000 or there will be little break inbetween. Say 12,000-16,000 is a nice ballpark figure for me, but it all comes down to personal preference. Here is a link to a good thread where we discuss the settings in greater detail. If you have any further questions, Subotai then please feel free to ask.


Wow. That is so nice of you. And yes, I had it set to 6 thinking I would get the toughest purges and it never occured to me to adjust the purge meter. I try and avoid using the setttings and make me admin because it sort of feels like cheating. Played 400 hours so far and I still am learning new things. :rofl:

Thanks again!


Nice find!

I was my absolute pleasure Subotai_Archer_Thief. :smiley: With most other users happily enjoying the Isle of Siptah and relatively few ps4 users requiring assistance, it was nice to be helpful and lend a hand again. I had been feeling a bit stagnant or like something of a fifth wheel as of late.

I was doing exactly the same thing myself up until my friends set me straight in the thread I posted. Haha. I wrongly assumed that setting it to 6 would increase my odds of recieving a human purge. But then it can feel a little counter intuitive at times too. For example, when on 6 I recieved several Hyena purges. While both enemy types are relatively easy, I would have assumed that a Dafari purge would be considered more challenging than a Hyena one. And similarly in your case, a Relic Hunter purge sounds more challenging than a Sand Reaper purge. Oh well, it is what it is I guess.

Just for the record Subotai, setting it to 4 does not guarantee a human puge. And I have still recieved animal ones while set to 4. But rather it is the optimal setting which presents the best odds for one. So be patient buddy, and good luck with it!

I know firsthand what you mean. Special thankyou shoutout to @Larathiel, @sestus2009 and also @bbtech for imparting this information to me in the previous thread.


Black smiths with teh durability should have the legendary repair kits based on what i pulled from dev kit.

Her is a link to my ggogle doc. spoilers if you want to explore for yourself in game.

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Yeah I have to seriously agree here as well. This is one of the mechanics that keeps breathing a little bit of life into Exiles’ endgame. Without it, that part of the game’s on life support.

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Agree. We have also begun gradually balancing the main game around the expansion pack. Call me crazy if you will, but I feel that it should be the other way around. On a seperate note, I admire your points regarding the Survial attribute changes. Very factual and succinct. Great work Kittenykat.


Actually I think they purges need an overhaul, they could be much better endgame activity.


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