Fix the spawn of Legendary repair kit blacksmiths

We know that the t4 blacksmiths whom make Legendary repair kits are broken. There are 15 of the qualifying blacksmiths, non of which spawn anywhere under any circumstances outside of admin commands. The only servers that suffer are official servers as in sure a lot of unofficial servers would probably spawn in these special blacksmiths.

Fix the spawns. Or at least explain why you won’t. I’m sick of all the weapon nerfing, everything is made weaker with every patch (latest being archonian). Let me use my legendaries. Im bout going to continue on with a weapon that deals only 43 damage.
FUNCOM with your constant “rebalancing” and all the endless bugs are growing very tiring. The simple hurdles that many other related games have mastered are somehow impossible for this game with no clear reason why. Then you make the game more frustrating by nerfing time and again. This is a FULL RELEASE game. Why do you continue changing everything as if it’s still in early access?


I agree that the tier 4 thralls that provide legendary repair kits should be fixed. And I agree that various bugs should be fixed and efforts to improve core mechanics should continue (Thrall AI, purge, etc).

I disagree that Funcom should cease doing balance passes on weapons. Balance updates will never, ever, in the history of video games be perfect. But you asking them to ignore balance improvements is like asking them to stop updating the game all together. I’m also unsure of what games you have played that had post 1.0 continuous updating that had weapon stats or skill stats that didn’t do balance passes, especially in a game whose playerbase has a great deal of it’s player populations in the PvP realm.


Why? That’s quite likely a rhetorical question but I’m going to answer it anyway… Because it was released too early (from an end user’s perspective) due to the financial constraints of executive management. In effect, it’s still largely in an early access state despite the ‘official’ release.

To give credit where it’s due, CE is well polished in some areas, less so in others.

We are not privy to the decision-making process behind the development of this game, or all the circumstances leading to this point… yet here we are and the dev team are giving every appearance of doing their best in continuing to improve and refine the game. Which is good enough for me… so long as the game is eventually well polished. My concern is that management will eventually cut and run, leaving CE buggy and well short of its epic potential with an, ‘eh good enough’ attitude.

Rest assured the dev team themselves generally don’t get to decide to keep pouring money into development, as much as it appears that they should have, not to mention a more substantial pre-production for a game of this scope would seem wise in hindsight. But what would I know?

Nerfing the top tier one handed weapon because they meant for the teir below it to actually be stronger, isn’t a smart rebalance. Its reflexive that will surely lead to another wild change to the damage of other stations to match. Now the archonian does pretty much the same damage as cimerian. The damage of star metal weapons has sucked for a long time. Simply making everything else suck by comparison doesn’t help anyone

What annoys me is that i can’t do a Google search for the damage or stats of anything in this game because they change so often they pretty much anything written down is most likely wrong. I’m not sure the devs even know those stats themselves, seeing as they compared the archonian battleaxe to say they were making it in line with a star metal battleaxe… a weapon that has never existed


They nerfed the durability of aceronian tool too, previosly an upgraded pick wpuld have 487.5 hp, now it is only 337.5. afaik this isn`t even listed in the patch notes and was never mentioned before, and tbh that is is not a change that helps or benefits anyone, it is just making things more annoying. Sure I could use the obisdian pick, but no thanks crafting all those obsidian bars, becuase this mechanic is a pain aswell

EDIT: sorry for all the typos, I just stood up


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, this is both the most fun and most frustrating game I’ve ever played.


If they cut and run i don’t think i would tolerate any followup game funcom might try next.


Same. This would most probably be my first and last Funcom game, and I’m a very patient/understanding sort of person. However, I also try to be a responsible consumer, for all the good it may do. Whether Funcom deserves my support or not is up to them.


Maybe bathesda would pick up the next conan


Oh, okay. Honestly, I’m going to take your word on this one. I’m always way behind when it comes to weapon stats, I haven’t actually played the game since May because my efforts have been in the modding category haha. So there is no way I should make any kind of sound judgement on what the hard numbers should look like, I just hope Funcom and the players, such as yourself, can work together to find that right balance.

I also agree, and it’s kind of a pet peave, that all changes should always appear in the patch notes, and extra explanations be provided when necessary (I do this with my own patch notes when I do modding updates). It’s not just Funcom that does this either, there are a gazillion companies out there that either forget, sneak, or unintentionally not add things to the patch notes all the time and it completely baffles me.

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I just noticed that the durability of acheronian weapon got nerfed too, problably gonna switch to dragonboneaxes if it stays this way after the upcoming patch and my last three old axes are gone for some reason

serpant-man throwing axes now do 52 dmg instead of 48 or 49, this is so dumb, I do not want to check avery weapon by crafting it in case there are better or worse options now -.-

Serpent-man waraxe now deals 60 dmg with upgrade, more then acheroinian did before, it only costs iron to repair them, they have way more durability as the new acheronian axes and you can get those weapons already with level 20 or so, what a great balance update^^

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Sorry for this little tangent, but that does make me realize just how compatible the Elderscrolls universe is with the Conan universe… If one were to make a Conan total conversion mod of Skyrim, it’d work perfectly.

I think both Funcom and Bethesda would profit greatly from a joint project. But then, Bethesda would surely betray Funcom afterwards with an onslaught of lawsuites.

Do you know why T4-Purge-Blacksmiths are bugged?

No, I haven’t looked at them as (since I haven’t been playing) I didn’t know the Thralls in the purge were bugged at all. I did finally see a post about it some time ago, so once I sit down to do my thrall mods I plan to take a look there too.

alright thanks anyways :+1:t2:

If I do find the reason and how to fix, I’ll submit it up the food chain like I did with Njorn though (and plenty of other stuff that I’ve submitted behind the scenes). We’ll see!

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I’m curious about it because since last week I finally get purges in SP on barbaric, but after like 6-7 of them not a single one has been NPCs and I’m not sure if that’s some really crappy RNG or another nasty bug regarding thralls.

Your work is highly apprciated! :slight_smile: