Fix the spawn of Legendary repair kit blacksmiths



For reference, do you know what purge difficulty you are set to?


the difficulty is 6


or are you talking about the difficulty which depends on the area you build in?


Na I was talking about difficulty level, though now that you mention it, where are you at for these purges?


the purges have been at the tower of bats, next to the den and next to sepermeru, it should all be 3-4 (T2) if my purgemap is correct


The problem is more likely with purges rather than the spawns themselves. When I was getting purged (don’t seem to get those anymore…) I had more human npc’s than beasts attacking (Swungle).

It might just be crap luck on your part to not get human purges. Perhaps it has to do with location (lower desert is more beastly). Even if you are getting human npc purges, there’s still a very low chance to get the named thralls you want, and that’s purely RNG, lol.


yeah, probably bad luck, I will keep on trying :slight_smile:
there’s still hope left in me for my legendary repair kits!


I can’t describe how good I feel right now, the approximatly 10th purge finally was a NPC Purge!
The first wave were T2 archers and fighters only, then it happened! Second have had a female named blacksmith in it - Hap-Zepet-Forgeguard - after about 900 hours I finally got it!!!


Congrats! And this is why I like some things to be difficult to get (even if it means I haven’t managed them myself yet).


I like difficulty, what I don’t like is RNG and uncertaincy if things actually work the way they should


Yeah I’m with you on that one. It’s always a lingering feeling in this game that anything could disappear at any moment - not due to player interaction, but some sort of bug destroying everything.


or not appearing at all^^


Awhhhh, Yeeeaaahhhhh!!!


Where did you get the purge at? Where exactly on the map, to the closest possible description were you purged?


I got her when the purge happened to a trebuchet foundation I built about 30 foundations north - west of the Klael’s Stronghold Obelisk.


directly north of the waterside-entry of sepermeru :slight_smile: