Testlive Hotfix (23.10.2020) - Fixes, More Fixes, and then some Balancing

Can we get a description of what each icon does on crafters w/a specialty? Currently the item info just shows their name and weight; it’d be really nice if there was “This armorer is skilled at crafting durable armor” or whatever. Yes, there’s an icon, but it would still be nice and more accessible to newer players.

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Mirror :mag_right: issues:

  • The mirror no longer has the option to adjust the body settings - it might have been intentional, but…
  • …but changing the race reset all body settings to the default value.
  • Also, changing races changes armor to the base color. Temporarily, because the color comes back after putting the clothes on again.

Work stations :scissors: :

  • Thralls give less recipes in new work stations than in old ones. I tested named armorers T4, in the old stations they give about 10 (special) recipes more.

Playing Conan Exiles. Found a new Shieldwright thrall, She-Who-Wears-Mens-Skin. Of interest is that when I retreated from the encounter with her and another t1 thrall, she started attacking the other thrall… eventually killing him.

  • No, there is only one casting table.
  • Yes, you can use an armorer thrall (no cost reduction though).
  • Yes, without thrall = +9 agi for full set // with T4 thrall = +14 agi for full set

has anyone figured out the legendary repair kit question yet? i’m stumped… would be nice to have confirmation from FC that they intended to remove these from the Purge BS, and if so, is there another way to craft them now, instead of just trying to grind for the kits by killing npc’s.



Does it also raise the armor value? Because I almost can’t shake the crazy feeling that, for certain playstyles, this makes the jewelry “armor” an almost, maybe, actually viable light armor? I mean, +14 agility is a lot of effective armor increase, right?

Now if we could just get them to add an Epic Goldsmithing feat and the Improved Casting Bench …

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I had 105 with the +14 set (crafted with T4 armor thrall) and 58 with the +9 set.

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Can someone confirm that this is the case? Prior to the 23.10.2020 hotfix, the durability blacksmiths I checked did not have this recipe when slotted to the blacksmith or improved blacksmith bench.

I’m not sure it’s viable unless you’re willing to repair a lot - the durability is still very low. With 20 base Agi you get up to 56% damage reduction if you can put Bulked Plating on it - but you’re looking at 195 durability on the chest and legs. If you go for a mix of advanced reinforcement (head/hands/feet) and master reinforcement (chest/legs) you get ~300 or ~400 on pieces, but you’re down to 43% damage reduction.

There was a bug with stacking arrows. For example, star metal arrows were doing somewhere around 5600 points of damage (and I think the more you crafted and stacked, the more the damage value went up). One shot kill arrows even on a 3 skull boss wouldn’t even come close to describing what these arrows could do. They really were “nukes.” So he’s saying they fixed that damage bug.

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Oof. Archery was almost good. :wink:

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The Campaign and Garrison blacksmith benches only make weapons and tools, is this by design? Doesn’t make sense that you would not be able to make the same items as the tier 2 improved bench.

Steel reinforcements are painfully slow on the improved bench, I know I would be looking at spending more in mats to get them fast.

I have 8k hours in this game and the changes that have come in since Scott Junior has been running things is awful.

Too many RP changes for me. RIP conan fun while it lasted.

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Reptilian Epic armor is showing up in the menu for the Improved Armorers Bench. Also the Gauntlet and Chest piece icons are switched.

Can you give us an approximate date for the release of this update on consoles?

Black Hand Boots and Stygian Raider Gloves are giving a light lining when put into the Dismantling Bench even though both are medium armor I believe. Don’t know if this is intended or not.

I haven’t Dismantled anything else that is giving a weird resource yet.

Attempting to place a decor item (such as this Turanian standing lamp) onto any of the workbenches (at least the ones I tried: all the basic benches) causes the item to float in mid-air:


I put an Aardwolf Head into a Fluid Press. It didn’t process it. On live, animal heads give blood and bone in a fluid press.