An old but ongoin issue - armour stats destroy role-playing

So you want to play a Yamatai warrior and build a Yamatai base, but you can only do it in a warm climate because Yamatai armour will cause you to freeze in the north. You want a Khitan ‘Tibet type monastery’ set-up in the desert or swamp, but Khitan armour will cook you in that 65% of the map. You like the look of Poitain armour but have no interest in bows - bad luck, you get a useless bonus for RPing a Poitainian (and must settle somewhere warm) - and so on for EVERY armour type in game, which greatly limits options rather than creates flexibility.
Tools and weapons have upgrade kits, why can’t armour? Fur for cold insulation, silk for heat insulation etc. Extra and more exotic components to upgrade bonuses for the higher quality (flawless etc) armour. Give us an ‘Accuracy Bonus’ or ‘Survival Bonus’ kit just like the ‘Advanced Weapon Upgrade’ kit. Craft your beloved cultural armour and modify it to suit your own gameplay and play where on the map you want to be. I don’t know anything about making a computer game, but is it soooo hard to do?
I’m sure this is a repetitive thread topic (sorry for that), but I think it is worth pushing again as this really limits gameplay across the board, especially given the company’s mega-focus on producing cultural DLC.


If your complain is “role playing” then you should donate to a modder to fix the armors for your make believe.
Please don’t ruin it more than the roleplaying comunity has already done to this fantabould PvP game.

The majority of the good RP servers have the fashinust mod (Probably spelled that wrong). It lets you wear one thing but skin it to look like whatever. Hyborian RP and Alterdreality RP both have it. I think Solorus RP dose too?? Maybe.

It really depends on how you define “role-playing” here. If you’re trying to create your own story in yuor won world, then yes, the current system is restrictive. But if you’re trying to role-play as a Yamatai Exile in the Exiled Lands as described by Funcom’s loremasters, then yeah, Yamatai paper walls and clothes will freeze you in the north. No matter how hard you’re trying to role-play a South American Native, if you’re doing it in Norway in January, you’re going to freeze.

So the good Yamatai exile, when going north, will have to wear furs instead of straw hats.

But I know what you mean, @Silverian67. In our D&D group I started playing a barefooted, leather-clad hobbit rogue. I had a very strong visual image of the character when we started the campaign. So when our party finds a small-sized mithril mail shirt and boots of speed, I had to choose between upgrading my equipment and keeping my original looks.

In the end, I decided that someone who had learned to survive in the slums and fight for her life wouldn’t care about fashion as much as improving her odds of living through the next combat encounter.

You mean the fur armor that is heat protected? :crazy_face: One can care or not care about the RP aspects, but let’s not kid ourselves: the attribute bonus/temp resistance allocations on armor sets are semi-randomly decided based on filling holes in the current set of combinations, rather than on any kind of aesthetic, lore or RP basis. Which is how you get abominations like Knight armor with Accuracy :face_vomiting:


Yes! I agree with attributes. Temperature, only partially. If an armor has fur it should be warm. I dont think we should choose. But we should choose attributes. Theres plenty of looks I WOULD LIKE to wear but wont because i dont give a crap about encumberance or survival or whatever. I feel we should have a kit that can change the bonus. Make it expensive. Dont care. And if its flawless epic, give ut the +2 of that attribute

This whole seemingly arbitrary system of temperature and stat application to armor types has bothered me for a long time.

There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to it. Big fuzzy heavy armors keep me cool in the desert. I’m more warm on a glacier in a blizzard if I take off all my big fuzzy heavy armor.

There seems to be no lore reason for the stats on the armor.

There seems to be no thought given to ensuring a balance between stat bonus availability on different armor “types” (light, med, hvy) nor on temperature (example: there are two medium armors that give bonus to enc, but both are for hot weather).

As the OP implies, adding the buffs applies (and maybe the temp effects as well) seems like a way to allow people to look how they want to look, wear the “type” of armor they want, and get the stats they want.

Doing so with an upgrade kit or a socket system similar to other RPGish games seems easily doable.

The higher level upgrades would require higher level armors (if you want that +9 you need to have flawless armor). Upgrades could require some new and interesting drop, the higher upgrades require them from meaner critters. I would even suggest that many things that are ignored now could drop these things (when’s the last time you went to the undead kappa cave?), giving us reason to go fight the critters that get no love currently.


The biggest problem with the present armor system is it is too hand-holdy for PvP. So you see some guy running past, and he has on Yamatai Demon, and his thrall is wearing Khitan Imperial. Ah yes, no worries…you can go ahead and attack him, since you know he is spec’d for encumbrance, while you and your thrall are wearing strength armor, and you are spec’d for strength. This won’t be a hard fight, and you KNOW it. All because you could instantly tell what this guy has spec’d himself to. This would of course be backed up if you watch him doing some resource gathering to make sure he’s not trying to trick you. But even if he is spec’d for strength to try to trick somebody, you know you have the advantage, because you have strength armor, meaning you had points left over to put into things like Grit, agility, and vitality, that he won’t have.

This advertisement of what your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses are, is way too hand-holdy for serious PvP. Takes a lot of the mystery out of encounters.


Yes, I agree. That is more problematic for any sort of role-playing than not being able to wear a bikini in the north (unless it’s a fur bikini, which, as everyone knows, works just fine). Even though Zamorian Thief armor resembles the clothing some teenage girls in Finland wear in the middle of winter, I suspect their choice of outfit has little to do with warmth.

I’m happy to play on PC Single-player so I can use mods to make my clothes look the way I want.

I’m not a role player, but I do like aesthetics.
so I support the idea, armor and building pieces should fit the climate.

Or armor/clothing should be manageable to change heat/cold protection.
archer perks should not be on armor that looks like melee armor, etc.

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As a former role player in AoC I loved the introduction of the vanity armor system and especially the recent change that brought vanity weapons into the game. I love social armor systems in every kind of game that has it so I use the Fashionist mod since day one in Conan Exiles. If funcom were to add such a system into the base game so it can be uses on the official servers I would very much approve it.

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I definitely support this idea. And I would like to add that while mods are awesome a good portion of Conan players cannot use them because they are playing on console, or playing official. The armor system really needs a complete overhaul in my opinion.


Yes. Unfortunately i feel the devs are starting to use mods as a crutch. “Well we can put that very necessary thing on the back burner because… The community made a mod for it.” What about ps4 and xbox…


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