Weapon Skins/Armor Skins (Fashionist Mod?)

Whirlwind Blades is just a reskin of a pair of Daggers to look like swords, so why can’t we have similar reskins to other types of weapons?

Maybe just add a feature to copy the skin of a similar item to one that has different stats but you want to wear - I’d say this for Weapons AND Armor. Like the Fashionist Mod but for the official game files/servers.

I see the For and Against arguments regarding this and can’t disagree with them all, but - as for Players not knowing someone else’s level or gear from a distance before deciding to engage or not ECT I say this - there’s already Exceptional and Flawless versions that you CANT tell what they are until you loot it. And if want this to stay relatively armor/weapon class specific.

So, light armor can only look like light armor, med like med and heavy like heavy. Daggers can only use dagger skins (so I change Havoc and Malice to look like The Glasser :3) Axes to Axes ECT.

While not a Vital addition, I feel this would at least bring back some interest in the game for people who care about what their characters look like.

Personally I got bored of damn near every serious PvPer wearing some variant of Flawless Dafari or more recently Med Bear Shaman And Assassin gear.

Let’s change it up n keep people on their toes! You shouldn’t be able to have a good idea of how geared someone is and let that decide if you attack or not!

TL;DR - Let us change skins of armor of the same class (light, med, heavy) and change skins of thee same weapon class (Make Havoc and Malice daggers look like The Glasser) If you possess both the item you want to change and the item you want to change it to.

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Yeah, this argument stopped being valid before the game got out of Early Access. The difference between a vanilla Heavy armor and a Flawless Epic Heavy armor is massive stat-wise and nonexistent visually. The only real way to know what the other dude is wearing is making an educated guess based on the current meta (ie. if “everyone” wears Epic Darfari, the guy who looks like a Darfari is probably wearing Epic Darfari).

So from this point of view, I see no real reason to prevent re-skinning items with other items of a similar type.

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