Ability to apply armor skins, or change the bonus stats

Hello Funcom!

Here is a suggestion, that I think would be really cool:

Is it possible to implement an option, or a sort of system, that would allow us to apply a skin to a specific armor, or at least, to chose and the stats of the existing armors in the game?

For example, I am on a strength build, but don’t really like how most armors look. If there was an option, to change/customize the look, of an armor to a different one, by keeping the original stats, or if we can chose to change/customize the bonus stats, of the armors, on multiplayer, and single player, I think it would make the game even more fun.

Also I think it will be cool if we can apply the same for our thralls.



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That suggestion pops up frequently and there are many of us who would love to see it implemented.

There’s one counterargument that gets mentioned every time this suggestion is posted: in PVP combat, some players rely on being able to see what armor you’re wearing, so that they can adjust their tactics based on the armor’s stats and attribute bonuses.

Which is why I would also like to repeat my own idea about this suggestion: allow players to opt in and out of rendering the “armor skins” on their client. That way, anyone could configure whether they see what players are really wearing or what players configured their armor to look like.

Ideally, there would be a client-side setting and a server-side setting. The client setting would be called something like “display armor skins” and it would be set to one of three possible values: “yes, show skins”, “no, show real armor”, “use server default”. The server setting would be called “display armor skins by default” and would be set to one of the two possible values: “yes, show skins” or “no, show real armor”.

By default, the client setting would be “use server default” and the server setting would depend on the type of server, i.e. set to “yes” for PVE and to “no” for PVE-C and PVP.


My personal guard are all female: I have outfitted them with Redeemed Legion Pauldron (+3 STR), Hyperborean Slaver Waistguard (+2 STR), Redeemed Legion Gauntlets (+3 VIT ) and Barachan Reiver boots (+2 VIT) for the good looks.

You could do all Hyperborean Slaver hands, waist and feet for STR but I like the extra point on the gloves.

Personally I recommend topping it off with the Executioner’s Hood for +3 STR.

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