Wish I could swap the attribute bonuses on specific armor with an armor mod on official server

I like the styles of certain armor.
Wish I could put encumberance bonus on Lemurian armor for instance, with a “belt pouch mod” for instance.

For all the talk of epic cosmetics, one sure is pigeonholed into wearing certain armors.

I do get why that is though. The designer’s intention was so people could identify what other people are wearing to discern their strategy. It’s important in PvP.

Though I don’t believe there is a problem if armor were to be made a little more flexible.
After all, the choice of armor really just decides wether an attacker ought to use armor penetration weapons or not.

While one could argue that one might want to attack the guy wearing hyrkanian armor first, because that one’s a heavy archer, a counter argument would be that he just lives in the north and needs cold resist gear, but is a melee, since it’s the only flawless epic heavy armor obtainable on official servers.

At the end of the day, it’s what weapon he uses which will identity what his true strategy is, and not necessarily the armor attribute bonus itself.

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