Heavy Survival Armor

There is no staple heavy survival armor in the game right now. Where as all the other armors possess a heavy variant. I think its about time we give chance for survival tanks to make their appearance and perhaps become more relevant to combat.


I’ll second that, I long for some cool mastodon hunter gear


I would jump head over heels for a nice set of that. You have me sold!

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I don’t know about the “relevant” part but there are tons of armor sets that don’t exist. So I say let’s get started with new armors.

I really need to get started on the list of missing armors… later…

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Maybe it’s because the devs don’t see survival as a combat attribute, and heavy armor is obviously made to defend in combat situations.
I would argue that even heavy encumbrance armors seems out of place, those two attributes are mainly for gathering and building.

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Heavy encumbrance makes sense because it offsets the weight of the armor and for people who take absolutely everything from dungeons (sweep looters I think the term is) it can be very helpful. It also gets some use in pvp as the party’s loot bearer because moving with all your ill gotten booty is tough and your dodge roll is basically off limits while over encumbered.

Survival doesn’t really seem like a stat worth investing in to me personally. The only decent perk is level 40 for immunity to poison and bleed but carnage is a cool weapon that could be worth using sometime. I am always down for more armor options but as for stats it’s usually best to wear armor for your highest stat because that is where you save the most points. If survival is your highest then wearing survival armor can reduce your investment into it and refund a substantial amount of points.

In combat it would be the survival build akin to someone specialized in enduring all debuffs, they could use poison clouds to their advantage, shrug off a cripple effect. Have 1k armor rating and the capstone take 10% less damage. That is a juggernaut who can focus their build more on enduring and defense and punishing their opponent with status effects. It is very viable to use in PvP as I have done it numerous times. However the armor scores have been lacking over and over again.

Interesting but is 10% worth more than the extra hp or stamina? I am not saying it isn’t a build that can get results I just don’t know if it is as effective as other options. I would still like to see more options like this one become more viable and certainly survival armor would help. I am not against anything you have said I just am not sure what kind of specs/cost that kind of build would have and if it was as effective as just building a 1 shot melee build. Either way it sounds like fun and I would love to see it get used more f that is the case. A “Gas Demon” style build sounds fun to be sure. I just haven’t seen any precedent for it so I wasn’t aware it could work as well as you clam. Thank you for the enlightenment in this regard and I really hope we get your new armor soon!

It can be worth more for a supportive packmule player on the field, they can drop gas, wade through it and endure those extra hits and run off with the goods easier as the cripple and other effects only last so long.

I think at this point Funcom should just add attribute kits for armor and let players chose what they like to wear. DLCs will become more attractive and players will be more content with their character appearance.
This change will no doubt improve ingame cosplay options.


I think that is a great idea, but it could defeat the effort put into outfit design and remove stat exclusivity which some player base enjoys.

exactly, I don’t want kits, you wear certain armor it says something about your build, you use kits it’s getting closer to pimp my bim-bo dress up game and that’s not this genre

I would not hold out hope for decoupling armor stats and appearance, for the same reason we can’t hide helmets. A core design principle for Conan Exiles has been WYSIWYG.

I am just hoping they can fill all the missing armor gaps so every build finds their happy medium!

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