Thrall Balancing

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I was taking a look about HP and DMG of thralls (archers and warriors) and I realise thralls are so overpowered that you don´t have to fight anymore in the game, you just need a captain thrall with heavy armor and 2h sword (combo doesn´t stops) following you and you just need a shield to block the enemies attacks while Captain´s taking them down… it´s impossible to fight against a guy with Captain thrall with that set I told before because he have 7.4k HP and tons of damage with a combo who don´t stops.

I suggest to funcom to really take them less dangerous and left to player x player the real fight.

Sorry for my bad english, I’m brazilian content developer and english´s not my main language.

Thank you very much.

Sure, might I suggest suggesting it be a darn server setting? For the love of Crom leave the other 2/3rds the population out of the nerf suggestions. If at any moment an issue is a direct PVP one it should be an optional setting.

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