My character needs more hit points at lvl 60

348 hitpoints at level 60 with 20 points in vitality is too low. My character feels very squishy, having to flee on every combo finisher if they are not so staggered that they die on the follow-up. Gameplay would be better if player characters were a bit scrappier. They are, afterall, fighters and warriors.

I have 30 in Grit, Strength, and Vitality. I have 460 hit points before I use a buff.

I play with guys who want 40 in strength, and sacrifice their ability to take a hit. I just use the armors and weapons to compensate. It doesn’t matter how hard you hit if you’re too dead to do it.

I agree that the Health levels for characters might need to be adjusted. Our thralls now have massive amounts of health, but have the fighting skill level of children eating crayons. I think about twice the amount we currently have , since we have to do twice the damage of our thralls.

Yep, I want my character to have more of a role in combat.

I guess I could spec to the current weakness and drop 50 points into Vitality, but you have to build and lug stuff all the time. Maybe heavy Encumbrance stats should buff your HP somehow?

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