Player needs a buff to set us free and skills to improve players

The player is weak. We need a boost in player stats. Passive level up gains would allow true character freedom. A plus 5 health per level up for level 3-60. At level 2 it would be 10. This extra buff rounds the max total health buff at lv 60 would be 300 total. This would allow players skip vit if they want to. A plus 2.5 stamina and encumbrance per level up for levels 3-60. Plus 5 on level 2. The max bonus would be 150. This allows players skip encumbrance and grit if they want to. A plus .25 to melee and range damage per level up for level 3-60. A .50 for level 2. This number would be a flat damage bonus of 15 damage at 60 added to range and melee weapon. A plus of 1 to armor and fist damage per level for level 3-60. A plus 2 at level 2. The max bonus of 60. 60 armor is very light armor. The armor bonus and fist bonus allows for players to fight without gear on. Just this buff adds to player survival.

I would like to be a master of a craft. These skill(whatever) points are gain at each lv. 1per level 3-60. At level 2 you gain 2. These are passive skill/(whatever to call them) are for Combat-Crafting. They add small bonus to a player.


I don’t like these numbers (they are slightly too high imo) but i love the idea: being able to skip a stat of your choice.

And btw some power should be transferred from the thralls to players so we don’t feel like we are sidekicks for our thralls, lol. Like a little permament hp reward for completing a dungeon for example is alternative for your suggestion. Peace & Cheers.

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