Follower damage, how much did that just do!

Hello guys,

I wanted to say i love the now follower system but i would love to be able to see my fighters base damage. It is really hard to get a feeling for it and it looks like some of the rare fighters are really not that good.

It would also be nice if you did a 50% damage decrees on the fighter thrall. When they have a good weapon they just absolutely murder everything like bosses and other players. They never really get to use there huge amounts of hp.

I would also like to ask why is there a Archer and fighter thrall/follower? Why not make it more simple and just make a Warrior thrall and then the stats and the equipment defines what the thrall is. The Archer is more or less useless right now, a fighter thrall with a bow is way better damage and uses the same Ai :thinking:

Ai is always an issue, hehe. Not starting that one here :stuck_out_tongue:


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