Follower Update 3.0

Since no one cared to answer me in the other topic, I’ll ask again here:

I’ve read that in 3.0 Followers are going to get weaker, cause there will be a Stat (Authority) that will buff them.

I’m concerned about this:

  1. Is this going to affect Thralls in FOLLOW-mode only, or every Thrall you get ?

  2. Hope this is not going to affect ARCHERS as they are already far too weak (They should do x3 | or even x4 | their actual damage to be at least worth it | not strong, but worth it)

  3. Is Authority going to buff every Thrall or just the ones in FOLLOW mode ?
    Also, which level you should get with Authority to have them at the same strenght they are now ?

I don’t think its an issue of “caring” but rather having the information to share with you. The Q&A stream doesn’t start for another 10 minutes where such questions are hopefully going to be addressed. And the Testlive 3.0 update just launched an hour ago for us to download and test out. So, we’re all wondering about those things.

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I had no answers to your questions to reply. It may be answered in Q&A today, depending if the questions are listed in the Q&A thread.

Oh, ok, sorry :frowning:

Sooo … any news about it ?

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Yes its do anyone know?

This is a 4 day old post which has already been answered many times over in more recent posts. It’s on testlive right now, you can try it

Havent sean any other topics about it so.

So i can ask hear as it is the only post i know about it! And not every one are ablr to go on test live (only steam and not many of them know how to do it) and not every one have the time to go ther!

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