Nerf thralls, buff pets, buff player

Currently thralls in the state they are right now, being able to survive up to 3 bosses at once are beyond broken, also they dish way to much damage then they should, sometimes when you play Conan you feel that you as a player are a secondary character and the thrall does all the fighting for you.

My suggestion is a big nerf to thrall’s damage and hp and a very nice buff to player’s damage and hp values to make it balanced, it gets boring after one point to see thralls defeating all bosses for you, instead of you playing the game, I think thralls should have their place as helpers, and named thralls damage/hp values should be rethinked and updated.

Pets currently are not even close to thralls when it comes to damage/survivability, I think they should be adjusted as well to be on par with thralls, but this after the thralls are nerfed, or maybe introduce something even better and rarer than "Greater " variation, something like “Primal”, a pet variation more powerful then “Greater” and also very hard to obtain. It is important to have a choice between a thrall and a pet, because if the thralls are always better it’s obvious you are going to take them always with you.


Not really… Then you are balanced for boss-fights. And the rest of the game is unbalanced, as you kill everything with 1 attack.

The problems are the bosses and their huge amount of health. So we need either boss-killing weapons, which only works on single targets (and not in PvP) or the boss-hp gets massive reduced.
Then bosses are easy for groups…

Balancing this game is not easy.

And now comes sth, which will upset enough:
REMOVE pets from the GAME.

Or convert every pet into a mount and disable attacking (like horse).

They will always be weaker, compared to thralls. And you know why? Thralls have internal dmg multiplier, which are different from regions. The more north you go, the more stronger thralls get.

So either pets needs a massive overhaul, so that their values/mulitpliers are location based or beginners get a greater-pet version, which is so OP that people will complain again.

Then again, pets can never knock out NPCs. You cannot equip weapons. You cannot equip armor.

The overhaul would need so much time & costs, to make them anywhere useable at the end-content…

Actually you are right, maybe bosses might need to be nerfed along with thralls, but if instead the players get buffed they will have the same effect as thralls on creatures, the main difference will be that players will one-two shot creatures in max gear and not thralls as they are right now. Well I wouldn’t mind one-two shotting weak creatures if I have the best in-game items and strength maxed, but elite creatures and bosses should still be a challenge.

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Yeah, but when you make overall more dmg, then elite creatures are also easier.

Also its kinda impossible to change dmg or health “on the go”. So, when you are more players you make less dmg or everything has more health.
But how should this be calcualted? And it would even put the server under more load.

The next problem would be: Anyone can help. So it doesnt have to be from the same clan or your own thrall.

Also if you nerf/balance the thrall dmg output and keep bosses at their health, farming for legendaries gets really more tedious. Not everyone has a group to play with…

IMHO its really hard to balance, having all this factors. You can play solo or in a group. A group and everyone has thralls or no one has thralls or only some.

Should dungeon bosses be a really hard challenge and the drop-rates get higher and its also good loot (not the best) and world-bosses get their HP reduced, so its not a core to farm for the normal legendaries?
Then what happens with UC?

Its easy to say: Nerf this or buff that, but the game has really many aspects. And the playstyle also depends on the person/group who is playing…

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For solo they should do balance separately and nerf bosses/buff player so you actually get to fight more instead of letting thrall do it. Healing is also rather awkward in solo.

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