Funcom, it’s 2022…

…And you still haven’t made the minion modifiers do anything? Thrall damage is still tied to NPC damage?

You serious?



Thrall damage is separate now in the server settings. In fact you can adjust it separately vs players and NPCs.


Really? I started a server with a friend who has played off and on and he told me the settings still didn’t work :sweat_smile: thank you for the info and help

Hello, i use a g-portal private server and it works perfect.
Have a eye on these server-settings, thanks.

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Legit question, and I’m just curious, do rented private servers in g-portal suffer from the same performance slog officials do? It’s not a judgmental question.

Thank you for your time.

If ya don’t mind me asking, where did u get those difinitions, and does that list have all of the settings listed? Some of the settings confuse me still lol

Oh and the token statement to stay on topic…Thralls do damage :grin:

Mine runs fine, but I’d assume there are quite a few factors involved. Player #, # of structures, # of placables, server location compared to player, etc.

Mine usually runs pretty smoothly with an average of 85-95 ping. The only time I get laggy is when I’m near my base (which is fairly large), but even then it’s not horrible

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Sometimes G**gle helps :slight_smile:

I know g-portal as a German server provider and I know that they are based in Frankfurt because the supporters are also German. Therefore I have no problems with g-portal and my ping to my conan server is max. 30ms with max. 10 hops. However, I am near Frankfurt and have cable DSL. My clan members, all spread across Germany, do not have a worse connection. The server runs smoothly, but after 10-12 hours it needs a restart because the game then eats up too many resources. We are playing isle of siptha with max. 10 clanmembers.

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