RFI for Minion Settings for Platforms and Ideas about Thrall Power

Many threads have been started on the topic of thralls being over-powered and it’s clear that some believe them to be too strong while others like them the way they are. The point here is not to debate that issue (I think it’s been debated quite a bit and continues to be debated in other threads) but to make a suggestion and ask some questions regarding the ability to adjust settings in private environments to suit the taste of players.

Currently, GPortal lists two “minion” settings, MinionDamageTakenMultiplier and MinionDamageMultiplier. It appears by my own testing and others that MinionDamageMultiplier does nothing but in my testing, MinionDamageTakenMultiplier works (on PS4) but others report that this doesn’t work for them. For the sake of discussion, let’s just say it doesn’t work since it doesn’t work for some. These two settings would enable individual servers to adjust thrall power directly, customizing servers to taste. So do we know where the settings break down? Is it a Conan Exiles problem or a GPortal problem and is it a small task to activate these controls or a large undertaking?

Beyond just the thrall issue, having more server controls in general is in my opinion, a good thing so that players that run a server can tailor their game experience to the liking of themselves and specific server users. Then we can avoid certain groups feeling as if they have to play the way other groups want. I have focused on private servers for the purposes of discussion as I think it can be a petri dish before considering how it might or might not impact officials.

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I believe (I did not check it 100%) that you can find all the controls that G-Portal has on their server administration page also in the game’s settings.
But not the other way around, not everything in the game’s settings can be found at G-Portal (e.g. the Decay on/off switch).
If you suspect the problem is at G-Portal, then change the setting in the game’s settings and restart the server from the G-Portal page while you are still ingame. This will kick you off the server, sure, but it also saves the changes you made among the settings.
That’s how I change the Decay switch :wink:

If the setting-changes work, then the G-Portal administration panel does not work properly. If it does not work, then the setting in and of itself is faulty.

My guess is, that the method above has been tried already by someone…

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