More arbitrary changes - Lifeblood Spear

The game is just as easy without it. The only difference is negating the need for farming extra healing consumables which is entirely appropriate for the difficulty to obtain and the lack of usage as an actual weapon. They went way too far and turned what used to be a valuable tool into one more item to rot away in a chest somewhere, completely unused.

You can farm the reagents to make aloe soup at level 1 whereas killing the dragon in spawning pools takes an experienced and geared player or at the very least a decently geared thrall capable of tanking it. This argument is illogical and players like you are why we have such ridiculous changes pushed onto us. If you are claiming that it trivialized PVE content, let me tell you that I can still solo anything in the game without it. And if you are claiming it trivialized PVP content then you aren’t a good PVP player to begin with because most experienced pvp players don’t even use it.

You state yourself that it’s a convenience tool. And why shouldn’t it be with the barrier to entry to getting one? Why do we now have armor to farm that gives 1k+ AC when the previous high was 860ish (and that was with using prenerf pieces to begin with) if we don’t deserve to have powerful items worthy of the time invested into getting them? The lifeblood was one of the only reasons to spend time in unnamed city, and yet again, they’ve retroactively taken a dump on our time invested to water down loot to the point of mediocrity.

Why have any legendary drops at all? Why don’t we all just run around with crafted armor and weapons so that every scrub that logs in for 20 minutes a night can be on even footing with those of us that play the game far more seriously?

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That’s exactly what I just said?? It stacks with food regen, not potion regen.

Yeah, as it stands now, it is useless. Maybe it did needed a nerf, but this is beyond ridiculous. Either change the effect, buff it pretty seriously, or just get rid of it outright as right now it is garbage. The paltry healing effect it gives right now is worthless.


Funcom is not normally in the habit of justifying decisions about changes as it usually just results in more argument and accusations. And I would kind of doubt there would be a major response other than possibly someone saying “Yes we hear that you don’t like this change, were looking into it” or something to that effect.
Don’t get me wrong i’m not trying to bash your post at all and I personally agree with it, but they just don’t want to get involved in a “Well why this, why that, what were you thinking?” kind of discussion on the forums. :slight_smile: Considering there have been over 100 responses to this post already and almost all of them say the change that was made was not needed and went WAY too far, i’d imagine Funcom people are paying attention to this issue a bit and are possibly considering what could be done about it.

Take that for what you will though, pure speculation as I do not personally know anyone from Funcom so can’t even begin to talk about their mindset on issues. :slight_smile:

it’s easy to do a potion it can take a very long time before finding a lifeblood spear.

it’s normal to have very rare weapon operational, otherwise remove 75% of weapons, no points to have dozens of weapons doing the same damage, and no point to spend 2 months to find a lifeblood.

and to have more no sense, i’m sure they introduced new op weapons with the patch, and so it will goes the same way, some people crying here too op, i have been killed, then nerfing, then with next patch a batch of new weapon operational, and here we go again in infinite loop.

a rare weapons should have very unique & op attribute, otherwise you only do commun weapons and there is no problem, but it’s boring.

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illustration : Feedback acid arrows

infinite loop

but here we talk of a commun weapon and not a rare weapon,

No, it’s indicative of the fact that the other UC weapons are more bland garbage that isn’t worth devoting grind time to obtain. Venom Spears and daggers are the only pvp weapons any of our crew even bother with and both are crafted from the library recipes.

well actually i simply do flawless 2h sword or spear, no point to loose days and days to farm something that no more worh it.

only one which i agree is yes redmother bow worth it, let’s jsut wait the nerf…

i only know it took me 2 months with a daily routine of 1h30 - 2h to kill boss (6 of them, doing the tour) with best T4 thralls and gear before finding crom, and one month before finding lifeblood (i was lucky for this one). I have never been able to find two exemplary of those weapons, with may be more than 500 boss kills

as they are nerfed now they dont worth 2 month daily routine gamplay, i agree with you that red mother bow still worth it, by the way it took me 3 months to find it.

predatory and others weapons that you quote have apparenty a higher drop rate than red mother bow & crom & lifeblood (or may just mathemics as there is more boss who are dropping those weapons). This is my experience and i have many duplicate of those others weapons. but not of crom / lifeblood / redmother bow.

i still stay on my position that it’s normal to have very rare weapons really op. and i have no problem if a thrall defending a base kill me in one hit. sometime defense need to win… this is the main problem of conan exiles where attackers always wins. by the way no human player in pvp use crom or lifeblood, the main use was on thralls for defense (and yes it was an op defense). or to kill others thralls defense with you own thralls equipped with lifeblood. and even a thrall full geared with lifeblood can be killed by others thralls, I saw it happens.against 3 others thralls fully geared, so no invincibilty at all.

the way to balance the game was not to nerf crom & lifebloof if a problem, but would have been better to make them even more rare to spawn, ie from 1% to 0,5. but actually lifeblood is useless , crom is still a good sword for thrall, but well don’t worth the farming time, as the difference is not so huge with a good 2h sword.

You’re naming reasons why these things are good in PVE situations. Sorry pal, but any one of our heavy hitters in PVP will wreck through any of those weapons you named with venom daggers or spear, and even against a competent pvper, they aren’t worth investing the time to camp when you can lose them in one pvp mishap.

People seem to be arguing that the healing was OP in PVP yet not a single competent pvper is going to waste time camping one when it’s more viable to camp bombs and zeal. But I’m tired of rehashing the exact same argument when you seem to avoid countering my main points.

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you don’t need legendary to be op in order to be usefull, the fact that pretty much all weapon will do more or less the same damage is good game desygn, because they can be diferenciate by the bonus they bring (attribute/temperature/resistance) aswell as giving player the choice of their preferd skin over choosing this or that weapon because no other can match with.

you know, like when everyone in pvp server was fighting with a spear last week^^

As I said. It was hit by a sledge hammer when it should have been hit with a nerf bat.

I understand many
People think that it takes a lot to kill the red mother. Shes a simple game of ping pong.

Step 1. Bring a fighter thrall
Step 2. Equip it with the highest damaging weapon you can find. Also equip with thw highest damage bow you can find. No need for arrows. Flint are good enough.
Step 3. Plonk her with arrows amd get thrall to take damage.
Step 4. Once you take aggro move back and let the thrall switch to a bow.
Step 5. The thrall will fire getting aggro.
Step 6. Once the thrall has aggro either use arrows or go in with Whirlwind blades or the best daggers coated in reaper or scorpion poison.
Step 7. Once you have aggro move back and heal while the thrall regains aggro.

Its just ping pong. Once shes dead. And she will be quick with this tactic. Wait until respawn. Use healing arrows to heal your thrall.

Before if you had a spear you could just let the thrall take aggro. And heal.

This by the way works with well armored level 3 fighters. I have done it with level 3 archers and a level 4 dancer. The dancer was more annoying. But she was what I had at the time.

I play a low vitality glass cannon build and I find her less challenging than that corrupted wolf in the highlands.

I have about 2 “oh crap” moments with her. Thats because I was drunk.

tbh the only pattern that tend to be the hard one is his spining tale attack, but even with that, a player can stand between her legs or under his belly, and spam attack wisouth bein toutch back (or maybe a hit during said spin)

i’m doing more run solo than with a trall agains her, because it’s always a good chalenge^^

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The tired counter-argument about it trivializing PVE is rather amusing, since PVE does not affect other players. Are you the PVE police? Can we not enjoy the PVE aspect of the game our own way? Next you will be saying it trivializes solo-coop and should have been nerfed. I have yet to see a VALID argument that the spear needed nerfing into the ground. I love this game and Funcom as much as you do, but do not try to justify their mistakes with poor arguments and fantastic schematics. Fix our spear please.


Acutally I think it was the mix of PVP that then trickled over to PVE-C which always results in PVE getting the rough end lf the stick.

I think the argument was more that it was not intended to be this powerful in all game modes. Thus FC balanced it how they saw fit. Which is too weak. So most people agree on that factor.

I’ve killed her even solo, without a thrall, using Aloe soup to heal. Used some legendary daggers (probably Akbitanan Blades, but can’t remember exactly), switching to Bane of Khosatral Khel and a torch when it got dark. It’s bloody slow and tedious work, but doable by someone who is not an exceptionally skilled fighting action game player. The Red Mother broadcasts all her attacks so dodging away is pretty easy - only her wide-arc fire breath is tricky to evade.

Bringing a thrall makes the fight much faster, of course. But whereas I wouldn’t even try to solo any of the Skeletor bosses in the Unnamed City without a thrall assistant, the dragon is quite doable.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself.
This is exactly what keeps happening to this game.
It happened when they nerfed the 30 point vit perk, Fierce Vitality into Limp Vitality. (Please change the name to reflect the perk)

Just as the benefits don’t make the game any easier, these nerfs don’t make the game any harder, they just add time to the healing process.

I could quote this all day. Nailed it. Fix our spear!

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I think this is exactly why it got nerfed.

I used it as well in the same manner. Never really used it as a weapon as pikes are not my thing.

I think they nerfed it because a
Of his above statement. It was just used to bypass other healing items.

I used it too. So I am feeling the loss.

I feel like a common mistake developers make is introducing an item or skill into a game which works great in PvE but people become angry about in PvP. Instead of making a focused change they nerf it across all utilization environments, hence making the item impotent or marginally useful at best. Only a few games and studios have solved the problem by fully partitioning the PvP and PvE environments. It’s just a lot more code however. The easy solution is to just nerf the item or skill and trade outraged PvPers for big sad PvE players.

Keep in mind that from a certain developer point of view, what keeps survival games alive are the PvP players. So they get catered to more frequently. A studio really has to have an advocate on the right team - i.e. production, live services - in order for PvE players to really have a voice that carries.