Acid Arrows in general

I know in theory the acid arrows seem great but the issue is poison arrows are now useless since acid do the exact same thing along with destroying gear… thralls defending bases are now useless because of these arrows people can literally cheese it by spamming acid arrows until all the thralls gear is broke. Seeing as how the acid cloud last for a very long time its really broken. I had nearly 35 Thralls fighters and archers defending my base and they were cheesed from a far with acid arrows. The archers wouldnt even attack back. Not sure if you guys plan on leaving the arrows how they are or not but it makes defending bases even harder than it already is. Literally raiding is so easy compared to defending. Just my thoughts on the acid arrows.


Maybe putting screening structures would help? Then they have to get closer to shoot but the main structure is still defended.

Acid Arrows were a bad implementation and the person who designed them should have known better. With the AI of thralls being what they are and the sheer range you can muster with the bow (which should not change) they have become broken and unbalanced.

With poison arrows at least there is some protection. But considering I can stand in the Savanah by G8 and hit the Dafari Camp bordering G7 we have an issue. I have poisoned that camp whilst standing on that mountain range and practically barely able to see them.

With Acid Arrows this becomes more problematic because it reinforces to build outer structures. More Foundation spamming, but with much higher walls. These walls would not be guarded. But instead server to spam the server and create lag. Which oddly was the reason for the culling of the Thralls and pets to begin with.

So here is the secret.

Stop building anything remotely attractive.

Build a cube. Within the cube add all of your thralls. Then build a bigger cube over your cube and leave it unguarded. You could make this cube attractive. To enclose main cube. Add Gates. 4 on each side.

Keep your archers and guards between cube A and cube B. When purged or attacked open the gates (id suggest 4 gates. One on each side of cube B) let the thralls all out to defend. The good thing about this is that you could another cube on the roof of cube B. Which could house more thralls to guard said roof.

If you are purged or anything. Open up all gates. Problem solved.

Welcome to Conan Exiles: Cube Edition.


The Gamecube fortress…

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Sadly this is the best defense at the moment. Truly you could do a hexagon or if you really wished a dome: if you know how.

But the only defense against this broken mechanic is by eliminating open thralls.

Arguably this air tight setup is good for all types of PVP though. Not just because of the acid arrows.

The “Russian Doll” style build are like a tootsie roll pop. Put everything delicious in the middle and then build layers and layers around it.

Once someone breaks through a layer they have to contend with everything in between that layer.

Technically with the way the game has been designed you could have a cube hidden inside many many cubes. Each with their own layer of thralls. Which can all pour out once part of the structure has been breached or opened manually allowing a flood of thralls.

This also gives you the advantage of controlling where they exit from.

Boxes inside of boxes. It works. It’s ugly. But you wont lose armor due to acid arrows.

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