Acid Arrows are way over powered

If acid arrows make it to patch in their current form it’s going to wipe out any thrall or pet defense people have at their base. It will be a joke to fire off acid arrows into a base and decay armor and eat thrall health down in no time flat. Please don’t put such a cheese item into the game.


I have not tried them yet, but that does seem a tad broken, but its not a terrible idea. Thrawls right now in the right make up are OP for base defense. If set up right they can one hit you and take forever to bring down, however thats kinda the point… you dont want it to be to easy to just walk into a base you want the challenge so if the acid arrows are as OP as you say I would have a problem with them.

Cheese may be the new fashion trend in the exile lands.

I really hope these new items are balanced with existing items. At present we have 12 full heavy armor sets in game and 3/4 of them share the same armor ratings and basically balanced attribute bonuses. I understand this is slightly off topic but is analogous to the topic at hand. Customers invested time and effort (and DLC money) into learning item recipes and crafting these items. Don’t :poop: on their accomplishments and make it all obsolete. We don’t need every new item that comes out to be shinier than the last and more OP. We already have so many “META” discussions, don’t make a new one, increase diversity and equality…EQUAL OPTIONS

Like having 100 pets is not cheesing the system (if done right, 3 days of baby-napping is all that is needed.). I agree, they need to balance. But in reality, just farm more and throw them in the fridge with the other ones most people have stored.

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yeah obviously nobody care about tames

You can still raid a base with thrall defense. You have to slowly kill them in the process. With these arrows all you have to do is spam them into the base and wipe everything even the sleeping people inside. If someone tamed thralls and geared them up for defense I need to fight them. Shooting a bunch of OP arrows at a base and waiting for everything to die is cheese to the max.


As a dedicated arched one would think id want these.

But no. Even I have to draw line at the OP nature lf these.

Gas clouds that go through a gas mask. Reserve that effect for the gas traps.

But on arrows. This is way to much power.

The firwspark bleed arrows I’m thinking could be ok. But even that is pushing it.

The smoke arrows are exaclty what I was looking for. These are an amazing concept put into life. These are a dream for archers and non archers alike and have urltility and tactical advantage all over them. So bravo to that.

Shockingly I am not onboard.

Unless you make the acid arrows very costly to make. Because otherwise these things are way overboard.

Eating armor just adds to it.


Abit of numbers: Acid arrow tick 10 Durability per part in second…

A little alarming

couldn’t agree more, these things r scary good

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tbh, i would love to see crossbow return and became the only way to throw special arow.

I find them way too efficient espetialy with this rate of fire plus i would dig their return

I have watched a few vids. Again. This acid should be reserved for the vapour traps making them much more viable in pvp and a decent defense.

Acid Arrows could be a thing. But my segestion would be to

  1. Make them single target DoT. On par with Scoprion venom. If they eat armor it should be 5 not 10 ticks. There needs to be a remedy.

  2. Remedy. Smashing a water orb on you or a person.

  3. Sloughing Fluid removed warpaint and acid. Lol. The only way I could make sloughing fluid viable. Lol.

  4. submerging in water. If it is a DoT. If not. Just run away from the cloud.

  5. no volitile glands. You want these arrows you need to farm the scorpion queen which will limit the amount created.

  6. crafting ratio should be 1 to 1. 1 iron arrows + 1 scorpion gland + 1 feather = 1 acid arrow.

At max most time the scorpion queen drops between 3 to 8.

You would have to farm that a lot to get to a stack.

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A single arrow removed 340 durability on all armor and weapons:

You get 10 arrows per craft:

EDIT: Materials are super easy to get, including the blood (got 46 from 1 boss on x1 rates). The above is base cost with no crafter. You can basically neutralize the thralls in 3 arrows.

Only thing left to do is make it available to dismantle, and get 1 volatile and 1 black blood per arrow :smiling_imp:

Seriously though, Funcom, please review how you introduce new items/mechanics. This is the umpteenth time that something new comes in way OP (Halloween event loot, lifeblood spear, new fish recipes,dismantle bench to name a few) and causes major issues in server balances and tilted game play. Start low, and then buff as needed should be your process.

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oh it’s balanced. 1000+ heavy armor useless due to 3 arrows

sorry for the misunderstanding…i thought we were talking about poison arrows, then i got home and got on SP testlive. Yep, Acid arrows WAAAAAAYYYYY OP. Makes the game a shooter lol.

i’ve come with something today that could be one of the way to balance it, by making them crossbow bolt (and re-introduce crossbow in the same time)

that and regarding of your input maybe increasing the cost aswell ?

Agreed. I am all over achery and I love me some trick arrows. But in their current state these are the kind of thing you kill a boss and get one arrow out of a legendary.

The devistation alone on these are way to much.

Now …thats not to say I would not love to get my hands on some and reap some evil. But…

I do agree that these need a review.

Otherwise you will revert the game to naked combat with stone weapons. Because repairing epic flawless is not fun. Its actually boring.

There are better ways to balance the over abundance of legendary repair kits or armor drops from the mounds of Epic Cimmerian. Which is mostly broken and put on thralls anyways.

Hopefully this arrow goes through a revamp.

I can manage the firespark arrows as distant bleeds while solid are not nearly as good as bleeds from daggers.

Since stamina use is being increased on heavier attacks, sniping with these will be less viable.

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Maybe this is the key. The special arrows should only fire if you use Heavy and get the “flash” power is full. IE it takes a power shot to force the end to explode on contact. This would at least make it more skill over light attack spamming an area.
Maybe make it only on the brand new ones in this patch. The others specialty don’t seem too op from the history since they were introduced.

Might have been a crossbow bolt with reload animation ? (i know i push but damn that is way too close^^)