Heavy Armor (new and old) + agility

So, you make a great change for Agility, BUT lets look on numbers:
40 AG + Medium armor (epic flawless) = 68-70% damage absorb and rolls like in light armor.
Heavy Armor = 75% absorb. Heavy arnor + 40 AG = 78% absorb.
New Heavy armor = 1000+ armor points, 80% damage absorb, even with 40 AG it will be 81-82% absorb.
Is everything OK with heavy armors?

Hey @UnknowmMantra

Agility won’t do much if you’re wearing heavy armor and that’s by design. That being said, there’s further changes coming to heavy armor balance down the line.
Thanks for your feedback.

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the main point was to show, that Heavy armor < than Medium + agility, totally worse. I think that 40 AG + Medium can become a new meta expecially with new +8 stat buff book, and heavy will not find a place until some balance changes due the demenishing return of the Armor (absorob). New heavy armor provide 1100 armor WITH OUT Agility. It is 350 armor more than any old defaul heavy (Silen legion = 735), but differance only 5% in damage absorb. When epic flawless light provide ~300 armor = 50% damage absorb


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