OP Archer Tralls, or Awesome Base Defense?

Between here and Reddit I’ve been seeing quite a bit of griping about the archer thrall buffing and it ‘destroying’ PvP.

To be fair, look at the thrall changes in the WHOLE picture of the game, not just dueling with another player on the battlefield. The PvP servers involved ALL of the PvP mechanics, not just playing with swords: bombs, trebs, raiding bases, etc etc, all play a role in the balancing.

Remember those acid arrows everyone griped about, destroying thrall armor and making thralls for defense useless? Bet yall wish they were back to full strength now huh? I for one never favored them getting nerfed.

People complained about not having adequate base defenses because farming bombs is so easy??? Now look at the new archers.

Trebs are going to be the new preferred choice for raiding, and in light of the new archers, necessary. Those archer thralls won’t do much against this siege machine when properly deployed.

Use of ALL mechanics in the game to deal with PvP need to be considered. To those of you griping about the new archers killing PvP… get over it, or at least have an honest conversation about what Conan PvP really is.


No, I don’t. Acid arrows, destroying full set of armor in like 10 seconds, is brain dead mechanic, regardless of how strong thrall are.

And by the way - agility now gives a hefty amount of armor, so archers can stand completely naked and still have around 500 armor - and you can’t remove it by acid arrows.

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Ye new treb will make breaking into a base much easier, the new archers will make it hell for the raiders once they get inside the base. I think its a fair tradeoff


its when u get inside that ur screqed. My base was raided. the enemy made hole in the wall. Tried spammin poison arrows inside to kill stuff. It was at this point 6 undead gaurds started chasing them away and they ran off realizing their qas nothing they could do. Aww that was funny and glorious

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Yes, but you’d still be able to remove the gas mask, and then apply gas, bleeds, and burns to widdle it down.

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