Buff Archers? (Thralls)

Who else believes that Archer thralls should be buffed because of how easily they can be out-ranged & avoided when their defending a base? because when you think about it, another sandbox survival PvP game (Ark) has their own version of archer thralls but obviously automated turrets which have different setting options for low, medium and long range, as well as what to target and what not to target.

Just a thought…


They are broken beyond repair - you can’t really buffs something that is not working.

Like what’s the point in increasing aggro radius, when they can’t properly equip their weapon? Why would give them aggro settings, if they keep falling through the floor up to this very day. Like literally, I was checking my 3 story base earlier today only to find my archers sitting in the basement. I have placed them on the roof a couple of days ago.

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Yes and then the hard work to brake and equip them just so Another player can farm them all (100+) in no time and loot them. A total broken system!

I can see simple fix to this issue. New “crafting station” / building piece -> LOOPHOLES - https://www.thevintagenews.com/2018/03/06/loophole-castle/

Actual Window Frames looks much just like this. So if devs would be able to add this new building piece tat would act like a crafting station - you put your thrall inside and thrall becomes part of it and can not be killed unless you put it out manually or destroy the crafting station. They could also create completely new “crafting station” with new design for T1, T2 and T3 buildings that would not be as strong as buildings but still would provide significant protection for archer thrall and lets say possibly increase their fire power or range or arrow speed… what ever… in short… Conan exiles Equivalent of turrets.

You can not really shoot from the bow while you on the move, but you can dodge arrows like nothing and kill thralls with your bow still easy enough… With 5 turrets like this you would have much harder time to do so and even offline raiding would be more “interesting”

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I second that. Good idea.
Really annoying, First time I played I got myself 3 archers… worth next to nothing in the current state.

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They should match the bow distances for sure. and improve the logic of not having the archers run out of their positions if they have a bow in their inventory.

I have no problems with my archer thralls…I just give them reinforced armor a ancient bow and a stack of set arrows and they kill everything with ease…

They used to be good back before, how did this happen?

They had nice range aswell

indeed, you could still move away from their shots, but it was much better anyway. Thrall AI is terrible… And their “UI” as well…

are you talking about other players or just other NPCs? Because i dont believe thralls are any match for players. Almost anyone with any bow and arrows can kill you thralls if you are offline or simply away…

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Be smart in setting them, 5 archer III’s with any poison arrow makes short work of any would be intruder. Now add some named fighters into the mix and you have yourself a solid defense…As of right now i have about 15 fully decked out archers strategically placed and a crap ton of named Thralls with various weaponry…Its all about placement

But still whats keep other player from just farm them? Or lock then in a solid t3 box?

Im not sure of what you are asking…But they cant build a box on your base…

Yes thralls can be effectiv against a purge but how will it protect me from other player just farm my bowmend and loot them? Free bows for everyone!!!

Its all about base design…Make sure they cant climb to where your archers are. If you do that your archers will pick people off before they can get away.

Yes that will make it harder to loot them but still not that hard to just kill them of, and the loot will rot. In the end youre H work to put them up will be cut down in Min. And you loose it all when it despawn insted of ben looted.

If it is that much of a problem, go play on a pve server where the thralls are invincible now.

No, the work to get them is not balansed whit what they help, you spend alot more time and resourses then it can defend. I love to have the walls full of thralls but they are to useless to put upp, unless you get a spot over on hte well but still totalt pointless to waist reourses to upgrade them.

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